Warranty issue with a closed down store


Hey gang!! hope you are all well! It's been a minute..

I have a question. The dropper post on that beautiful focus jam I bought back in April ( https://www.rotorburn.com/forums/index.php?threads/help-me-send-it.314853/ ) has shit it self, would only raise with assistance and then at the top its very spongy and drops with play about 50mm. Noticed it playing up on my ride this morning, got home and slid the post out and it seems to have dropped its oil.

I am assuming this is still covered under the 1 yr warranty, there isn't a mark on it and I don't think there is anything I could have done to damage it where they can come back at me to say that it was user error.

The real problem is that the joint I bought this from, Le Spit Cyclery, has closed down. I have found that their parent company is Sola Sport is out here at Baulkham Hills. I have sent them an email regarding the warranty on the dropper post so I will see if I get a reply.

I am just wondering if they are bound to honour the warranty or in this instance I head either direct to focus or to Fox?

Anyone been in a similar situation or have some advice?


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I had some forks perform some warrant instigating actions years ago. The shop the forks came from had gone bust. I went to a other LBS and they sent the forks back to the whole sales for me and the warranty went through just like normal.


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I don't think you'll have a problem if it's an honest warranty, some shops get a bit pissy when you buy from overseas. Contact the importer direct, explain the circumstances and ask them which shop can you proceed through for warranty.


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As above, with the retailer closed down, get in contact with the Distro. They'll either sort you out directly, or refer you to another store to get the process sorted. Should all be fairly easy I'd say!


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My mates focus droppers (3) all lasted minutes before wearing off the coating then shitting themselves. I’d also call distro, or email them direct.
Do yourself a favour though. Buy a BrandX off crc for $160 on sale while you wait, then sell the replacement if you get one.


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Generally the store is irrelevant.

As long as you can provide your proof of purchase, hit up the distributor or warranty/service centre.