What are you listening to NOW?


Gearbox Frother

This is how I started the morning. Couldn't get the bike up to 88mph though, so guess I'll just have to see the day out as normal.


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Years ago I was a huge clubber and used to DJ progressive house and trance (mostly at house parties etc). I’ve got a couple crates of vinyl that I’m not sure to do with... but having a mini rave in the lounge room while I sort them into keep vs rubbish...

A lot of electronic music doesn’t age - trance is godawful listening back to it now, but it was great fun at the turn of the century!
Sorted - kept a bunch and then swapped the rubbish all for a tiny bit of store credit and picked up:

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Likes Bikes and Dirt
FFS everywhere I turn I see that name lately...and now in the music thread?
sorry man - just thought it covered a few of his favourite topics.

I'll rectify it with this:

Soundtrack to me getting a report smashed out this afternoon