What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Got the twinty guide on , haven’t trail rode it yet but seems quiet , should get the chain noise down abit , I like the added bash plate , that’ll come in handy .
Hopefully the box of Michelins and brake pads wil be here soon


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Gave it a scrub with some bike wash that was gifted me, seemed to work pretty good the bikes come up a treat and I didn’t bother hitting it with a sponge. Just sprayed it on, let it soak for a couple of minutes then hosed off.
Sounds like Muc-Off. I love that stuff.

I did hit it with some after wash spray. turned my matte black frame somewhat shinier, but I think in a good way.
Looks great! What's the name of the spray?

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Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.

Blue muck off pretty much.

I think the spray is pretty much silicon spray, and it smells nice.

Says silicon based formula, so might be some extra stuff in there.


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Action packed day today. Left Melbourne’s abysmal drenching, and looked in at Glengarry, but it was still pissing down and the trails were soaked. By the time we got to Glenmaggie, the rain had stopped and the trails were perfection. What can possibly go wrong? Well, within ten minutes, I screwed up the landing of a miniscule jump, got all sideways, burped flat the front tyre and bit the dust bigtime. Luckily I missed a big tree by a gnats whisker, but still managed to bury my right shoulder, and hyper extend my left wrist. So the front tyre was flat as a tack and while I put a tube in that, my Darl rode up and down having a fun old time. Got going again, and as soon as I hit a decent climb, the cassette was hunting up and down. Couldn’t see anything wrong, assumed I’d bent the hanger, so hit the free play adjuster, no top gear, but all good. Get to the top of Jim’s and head down, and then had another huge moment, but saved it, as the rear tyre had decided it was its turn to be flat. I must have burped it too, in the crash. While putting a tube in that I discovered the stick stuck in the derailleur. I knew internally that I should have re-adjusted the free play, but I was just totally over it. Sure enough next climb, hunting cassette, adjust free play, all good. Anyway, get to the bottom of Jim’s without any issue or additional pain, so we headed back up and did another loop. Other than the crappy grip due to running with tubes front and rear, we had an ace ride. The beer in the esky back at the car, was ab fab. Shoulders pretty sore though.


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A mate of mine needs a bike so he can keep up with his boy who's just discovered riding. Got a ripper deal on a ghost amr frame and discovered that it's got a 44id head tube and tapered forks have no clearance issues.

I dug out the old "spare parts" Xfusion slant forks, the damper was broken by some ham fisted attempt at modification or servicing. Anyway, I removed the broken lockout rod and tapped a new thread into the damper shaft so I can bolt it into the upper now. Wallah, functional slants minus the lockout function!

On a side note, if anyone has a slant (or compatible) fork and wants a 160-130 travel adjust air shaft, let me know. Happy to swap this out for a standard one as this bike will be using 130 only...

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Plank, geez, if you’re ever short on mates down the track...
Haha! I'm like a telco, offer's only open to new riders

His boy didn't do bad either, I dug up a decent older specialized epic for him, not bad for a first bike

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Edit - I'm not Gunna lie, it's tempting to keep the ghost, that's one tidy looking frame set
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MacGuyvered it back to the car......

It grumbled through a shift about 100 meters before I felt something brush the inside of my leg. Seems the securing bolt fell out. Was a little unexpected.

A strategically placed stick underneath and a Garmin mount rubber band (not pictured) around the top held it in place for a slow(er) ride back.