What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

Mr Crudley

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I've got those exact scales too, got to bounce the load around and get a median measurement.
They must have fat margin of error +/- 400gms I'd guess.

Get an external routed dropper, I prefer not to drill holes in good frames either.
I don't have a reverb for it which sounds like I might as well have no dropper anyhow. Most of the trails I'd done haven't felt like I'd need one, Loftus, Mill Creek, part of Knapsack and few others maybe. I will seek counseling to remove my ludditey tendencies :)


I've been continuing to fine tune the Spitty. My Crest wheels use a Specialized 142+ rear hub which in typical Specialized "lets just be different for the hell of it" has the cassette on the drive side spaced 2mm further out, in theory to give a better spoke bracing angle on the drive side. I suppose it gets you 2/3 of the way to Boost without needing a new frame, but it does have the side effect that on certain frames/dropouts the cassette lockring can rub or foul the frame/dropout.

Long and the short of it, on the Spitty it only clears by a bees dick which is not ideal. As a result, today I took the dropout off, stuck it* (literally) in my CNC machining center and machined a 1mm deep recess 32mm in diameter centered around the axle. This won't affect the strength of the dropout and there's still plenty of meat left to provide a positive stop on the endcap when inserting the wheel. (* for little machining jobs like this where the workpiece is hard to clamp but has a suitable flat surface, I will stick it down to the table using blue 3M masking tape and superglue - works a treat).

The first time I ever tried 27.5, it was with a set of the 142+ (fuck you Specialized). I used a 2mm spacer on the drive side. Wasn’t ideal, but worked well enough. Fortunately you’re not Gumby like me.


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What's the lower bushing overlap like? Last time I compared Reba and Rev uppers the Rebas had much shorter stanchions. Original Reba/Revs might be the same though. Any details on which versions?
The uppers were almost identical in length. Maybe 2mm difference at most. The Rebas are around 2009-2010, Revelations are 2014 or 2015.

Boom King

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What the inside of a Lev dropper post looks like. Surprised by the amount of dirt that got past the top seal. Now let's hope I can get it all back together
Pretty easy to re-assemble. Just make sure the red alloy KS cover clips in properly. They can eject pretty easily when using the post. I run a thin zip tie around mine to make sure it doesn't disappear.

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Rode it and had one of those days.... The good one - feels like your on epo & testosterone, all lines work, you float and flow, always looking for a harder gear, the shit eating grin you end with lasts hours.

Given the worst rides are still endorphin producing - these rides just take you to another level of fuck yeah!