what would rocket man ride ? why a cotic rocket of course


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Well cotic UK didn't put a axtra charge on top of basic frame plus post .
I'll have to see what I get charged once it hits aus shores shall keep you posted .
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Direct is correct .
Great way to do things really .
Shipping is pretty quick . and no middle person .
I really have to Wonder how beneficial importer's are to the pricing of everything


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New fork day just waiting on post man View attachment 345498
Did you get the roughcut hlr or the older hlr that's on eBay clearance? Ive had the older hlr numerous times, really want to hear feedback on the roughcut cart from someone that's had time on the older hlr unit. The initial break away point is meant to be much better. I just wish there was a way to run the MRP ramp control(was great in the pike) in the metric. 20mm, full high and low and air piston control, just needs options to control the negative spring.. I'd settle just to have the ramp control unit fit..
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Hey I got the new model .
I've only ridden twice .
I read online to ignore there sag , air recommended setting's .
So I used the o ring to set .
Ended up with quite low air pressure .
On the trail forks were unbelievably good ( coming from 170 mm lyrik which are good )
But only used 70_80% travel .
I usually like to bottom out my forks on a hard charge run at least once .But with the metric not so
Early days still tuning them in also .
Also the tune dials actually feel like a difference when adjusted . love that


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I know terrible photo . lol its cold and gets dark like at four frikin thirty in tas at the moment so cold .
Proper pics to follow

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You live in the mtb meca of australia, I refuse to feel sorry for you being cold!

Gettin dark at 4:30 does suck though, I’ll give you that.


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That's a very valid point . off to derby in I few weeks can't complain really . hopefully bushing gets here tomorrow . busting to go for a pedal


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Nth south is pretty rough at the moment due to extreme rain we had . But hey I like it that way to be honest .

Argh I've taken some good clear picks not won't let me load them keep saying that they are to big .
I think I'm doing the the photo shoot crap shoot of the month of to FW thread I go lol .

So far I've nearly come a cropper because I've had to relearn to manual and wheely this beast .
I've nailed turns and fire road straights pretty good . But so much more body language needed for manual's .