What's everyone doing with their wallet, phone and keys on a ride?


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What brand is that? Looks like perfect size. Does it flop around a bit or pretty steady?

It's got another string/strap that goes around the stem, so fastened down in 3 points. Its pretty sturdy - it lives on my gravel bike, and is sized to fit on drop bars, but I use it on the hardtail when I'm just going for a cruise in a NP etc.


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It's got another string/strap that goes around the stem, so fastened down in 3 points. Its pretty sturdy - it lives on my gravel bike, and is sized to fit on drop bars, but I use it on the hardtail when I'm just going for a cruise in a NP etc.
I looked at that for the gravel bike but looked like it was kind of resting on the cables. Not a problem for the mtb though - I'll give it a shot!

Regretting not adding bosses to the top tube on the gravel bike now!


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Not sure why the hate on wearing a backpack. Maybe because of the thought of carrying too much and bags jumping around on bumpy terrain.

I use an USWE backpack it does not move at all, sits fairly high so you don't get that sweaty lower back, and can carry all my stuff without worrying about breaking it in my pockets, corking my leg in a crash or causing exploding batteries.

I drink a lot of rides so I cannot imagine carrying 3 to 4 x 700Ml bottles on the bike.


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I have an Uswe backpack too, for sure it's quite secure on your back, about the same or even a bit better than the bumbag. Back sweat and shoulder rub the same as any other backpack though.

I go for the bumbag and water bottle these days though, I hate having to remember to dismantle, drain and hang out the bladder before the mould appears. When it's hot though I need it.

Wallet gets hidden in the car (nice try, not telling where). Phone and keys in the pack or bumbag.


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I bought a Fox saddle bag to carry my phone and keys but it already broke a strap and dunno how it will go if I get a dropper. CamelBak is handy but excessive most of the time.


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Henty Enduro....so much more comfortable than a Cback!
I have a Henty too but only wear it on bigger rides. Most quick rides under an hour it's Phone in the pocket (screen side in), keys in the pocket and wallet in the car. Both keys and phone have never worried me. On occasion I have just pulled my credit card and a note to put in my zipped pocket just in case.


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Backpack every time. Can't understand the need for a solution to a problem that's already been solved

Uswe and Ogio (I prefer my Ogio) bags sit tight and don't move around. Holds wallet, keys, first aid, tubes for other people to pinch off you etc. And also allows you to drink without nearly falling off trying to find the bottle.

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Henty Hip Pack...100% more comfy than a backpack.
Or I carry phone, card and a single key in my pocket. Don’t notice it, and have never lost anything.


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Depends where you ride. At the Youyangs I probably even forget to lock the car most of the time.
Last Cressy race day I rode my bike on the morning from the car to the race village, hung it up on a pole and went and track Marshalled all day.
When I finally got back in the arvo there it was safe and sound. Mtb people are 99.99999 percent decent.
It’s maybe the rare blow in you have to worry about.
In Perth it's definitely not the MTB people you have to worry about


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Pack even for 30-40 minutes. I hate stuffing around changing things. I'm slow enough as it is already!
Have to agree with this. I'd rather just throw on camel back knowing I've got everything I need no matter what bike I ride. Let's also be honest here, if I say I'm going for a half hour ride, I'll be 3 hours.


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For short 1-2 hours loop, I shove my phone and keys in my shorts pocket.
Longer rides I wear roadie jersey and stuff everything in the back pockets. Don’t overfill the pockets as things will start to fly out if u do.

Gnarly stuff I carry backpack for back protection.

For tools, I repurpose saddle bags and strap them onto various spaces on the frame. It makes the bike ugly but then who cares. Practical. Never forget my tools then.


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Roadie tops with rear pockets . I think mtbikers missed on pockets purely due to marketing differentiation =f u .
Back packs eg small Deuter are great for longer rides, carrying 3 litres of water and back protection but sweaty in the 4 months of hot weather we have ,
Frame bags on hard tails for bush tours ,
Top tube bag for duallies w droppers difficult to keep upright
Handlebar bags for commuting or touring but a pain w lights
been riding for ever so have them all