Whats the best beer you've had & why?


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German beer prices are so reasonable (particularly given the amazing beers on offer). Here's a pick from our "local" Rewe from last year:

Anywhere from 0.79 to 0.99 euro per 0.5L bottle makes drinking your way round Bavaria cheaper than living in Australia.

If you can, see if you can sample any of the ice beers. They may be harder to get now its summer time in Germany, but well worth a taste.

I'm consoling myself on not being over there by drinking a Weihenstephaner Traditional Bayrisch Dunkel. Not as nice as the Schneider Tap 6, but a good drop nevertheless.

Actually got this from Dan Murphys. It's good to see some imported beers making it back on the shelves.


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Whats the best beer you've had & why?

Current best. Outside, 8:30pm, 28degs. frittes, garlic chilli prawns, kids with babysitter and this:

Sweet, citrusy, wheaty, fizzy goodness.
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Ambar Larger from Spain.

Best gluten free beer I've ever found. Reminds me of James Boags Premium Larger, but it's been 15 years, taste memory is pretty shoddy I reckon. Any true Celiacs sufferer will understand the struggles. Published gluten content is 6ppm



Nothing craft-like or bike-oriented but had a coupla Fat Yak (on tap) schooies this arvo and they went down a treat.


what is a yous

Tart and refreshing. A lovely easy drinking lightly soured gose.

Lovely lightly salted, spritzy with a nice peppery finish.


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This one's for you pennoir!

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Nice IPA, big hop hit which quickly fades to a crisp citrus after taste.
They make some great beer, I rate their porter and stout very highly.

I had one of there other IPAs the other day, very drinkable

But the Panhead Supercharger APA is what is floating my boat at the moe and the 6 pack of tinnies aren't to badly priced for a craft beer from NZ.

And in only 2 weeks and I will be NZ............


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Tart and refreshing. A lovely easy drinking lightly soured gose.

Lovely lightly salted, spritzy with a nice peppery finish.
I love nomad brewing. It's just down the road from me. Bought a mixed six pack of their IPA's on Friday, Easy as and Jet Lag. Enjoyed both and were real hop bombs, super dank and piney.

My favourite beer however is batch brewing's juicy as phuck, which is so crazily fruity without having the dank hop spicyness (it's getting vague I know).
It was this nasal attack of mango, orange and grapefruit, followed by a rampaging bitterness. Unfortunately you cannot get it any more as. Citra hops have all been used for the year, I think stone and Sierra Nevada bought them all.

Hopefully next season it will be back because it was nuts. The man on tapwork says it was one of their best selling limited release beers and had intentions to run again hops depending.