Who's running Coil over Air?


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My smashpot just left Canada :p

I tried the Push fork coil kit but didn't like the air bottom out and had a few reliability issues.


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Had 2 rides in so far....

Conclusion....This thing is plush as f*ck off the top of travel.

Had to wind back the HSR and LSR to get the liveliness back into the fork, but small bump sensitivity is phenomenal.

I can definately feel the extra mass in the front end, but more time on the fork and I'm sure I'll get used to it without much drama.

Weight weenies need not waste their money on a coil conversion.

So far, so good....so good that it's starting to put the shock performance to shame.

I'll get more riding on it this weekend, try some more setting changes and see how mint I can get the fork feeling.

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