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Discussion in 'Victoria' started by Brown Dog, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Brown Dog

    Brown Dog Likes Dirt

    Just letting you guys know that Bandages or Glory at the youies will be closed due to the work that has been done, if we get some good rain between now and next week i will get out there and do some triming and pack the new burms and jumps so hopefully we can ride the new stuff next week..........cheers
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  2. Funky Frypan

    Funky Frypan Likes Dirt

    Are the youies good DH?? Never been but have gone past plenty of times on the way to Ocean Grove.
  3. nickmann

    nickmann Likes Bikes and Dirt

    It sure is:D Have a hunt around for videos. You will no doubt find some on youtube. Although videos never show the true intensity of a track.
  4. Funky Frypan

    Funky Frypan Likes Dirt

    God looks mad. I went to Ballarat on Saturday, rode the Union Jack trails (I think thats what they were) weren't as good as I hoped. But made some DJ's at a friend's farm after.

    Good times.
  5. ned the rider

    ned the rider Likes Dirt

    whats the new section of the track like? any pics
  6. alex the rider

    alex the rider Likes Dirt

    sweet hows the new section of the track looking?
    as rocky as the 1st?
  7. Brown Dog

    Brown Dog Likes Dirt

    I dont know if you guys know but after the rock slab you have a fast right hander and it used to go through an up hill rock garden into a sharp left hand hairpin then a right and another left, well now off the rock slab you still hit the fast right but before you head towards the rocks we put a massive burm which pushes you back up the hill slightly then into a big dirt wall ride thing which we dug into the hill then you straight line it down towards the last of those three burms through a fast rock garden drop off thing then along the straight which used to be a really peddley section, we also put a new burm before the step down and made that heaps bigger and we made a new step up next to the old one which is mass and really daunting then another huge burm which blends into the 180 burm after the little table top, man that was really hard to write i hope you understand what i mean but im hoping it will rain tonight so i can go there tomorrow and finish triming to get it ready for Sunday.........
  8. ned the rider

    ned the rider Likes Dirt

    sweet sounds awesome hope it rains
  9. Woffa

    Woffa Rotorburn Enthusiast

    Well the changes are looking good! Was out there with a few of the guys on Saturday doing some work and it's defiantly looking impressive. Just needs some more hard work and it will be sweet... :D
  10. alex the rider

    alex the rider Likes Dirt

    sounds sweet
    cant wait to his the new sections
    yeh hope it rains
  11. fukachu

    fukachu Likes Bikes

    Just rode the Youies today for the first time in about 2 months. I would like to send out a massive thanks to everyone who maintains and works on the tracks. The new start to Cressy's is great so flowing and fun. I could see the crew were at it with the bobcat as well so I've no doubt more senstional work is going on.

    Once again thanks to everyone. Prime piece of work.

  12. 24alpha


    Just to give you all a taste of what's to come out there....



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  13. patto_15

    patto_15 Wheel size expert

    Union Jack Trails in Ballarat???? :confused:


    Yeah Browny! Mcgibbonny was telling me about what you guys have planned and i was rather impressed! Will have to get down there some day and give you guys a hand!
  14. sawtell

    sawtell The Great White Rooks Hunter

    is the track officlay re opened?

    in other words, if i was to head out there tomorow arvo, would i be able to ride?

  15. 24alpha


    If there is no sign across the track stating it's closed, then it's open. Just be very careful on your 1st run down.
  16. Brown Dog

    Brown Dog Likes Dirt

    Hey mate i prob head back out there today, if the burms are ok i might do a couple of runs and check it out to see if we can open it
  17. Brown Dog

    Brown Dog Likes Dirt

    Track is open , but please no skids in the burms................
  18. ned the rider

    ned the rider Likes Dirt

    thats mad that step up looks pretty big comparing it with the old one you guys rock for making the track even better
    i must go down there this weekend cant wait
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  19. alex the rider

    alex the rider Likes Dirt

    The step up onto the rock looks sik!!!
    cant wait 2 hit it this weekend
  20. 24alpha


    Brown DOg, can you confirm the new stunts are open? As the lander and track wasn't finished on Saturday.

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