EWS Whistler: Hanging Out With Cannonball

It's the day before the penultimate round of the Enduro World Series in Whistler BC, Canada, but don't let Cannonball's chilled chairlift demeanour fool you; he's ready to race. Matt... Watch now

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EWS: Who Will Win in Whistler?

With Perth's Sam Hill at the top of the rankings, the penultimate round of the 2017 Enduro World Series is one to follow! Read more

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Thank Flow It’s Friday

To get you amped for the weekend, here are Flow's favourite Insta-edits that we thought you'd better not miss. Watch now

Local Video: Cannonball – The EWS Dark Horse

What's Cannonball's real name? He's a quiet, unassuming character who's nickname has been etched into Sydney's mountain biking folklore; well, perhaps dug, raked, wrenched and ridden... Read more

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World Cup DH: Aussie Results & Highlights Video – Mont Sainte Anne

Mont Sainte Anne is known for delivering one of the most challenging tracks of the World Cup season and in 2017 it was rougher than ever. Then, as expected, the rain came... Read more

World Cup DH: Gwin’s Monumental Win at Mont Sainte Anne – How It Happened

The UCI World Cup made its penultimate stop for 2017 at the legendary venue of Mont-Sainte-Anne near Quebec in Canada. This was the site of Aaron Gwin’s first ever World Cup race,... Read more

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