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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Cheers! Need to shorten the lines a bit tomorrow and have bleed kit so will adjust the angles.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    photo of the brake lever came out all blurry! stupid phone camera and low light.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    grabbed a cheapo used 150mm boost revelation for my cheap n cheerful polygon entiat. new magura trail brakes arrived today also! the maguras are so damned nice to look at! I assume they will brake somewhat equally as nicely.
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    What awesome bike did you build for your kid? And do they even care?

    new bars and hydraulic brakes added. oh and to answer the question do they even care? not particularly! she loves the bike, but she loved it pre-upgrade!
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    What awesome bike did you build for your kid? And do they even care?

    i've been upgrading my daughters bike, for my own fun really.. it's a polygon relic 24", which came with a crap zoom fork, steel bars.. so it now has a manitou 100mm fork, sealed bearing headset, and some ally brand-x bars. will probably do a 1x conversion on it, and will put my shimano m365...
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    Product Review Polygon Siskiu T8

    good review. recently purchased 3 polygon bikes. 24" relic, 27.5" xtrada 6, and 27.5+ Entiat TR6. After sales service has been top notch - the Relic had a dodgy valve on one tube, they shipped one out for free overnight delivery no questions asked. When I bought the Entiat I ordered 4 camelback...
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    What do your kids ride?

    yep already done, that was the old line, which was too short with the new longer fork, been replaced with new brake line and sheathing, and cable tied. :) have ridden it around a bit, it feels a bit too slack at the front, will need to shorten the fork travel to 80mm I think. Daughter loves it...
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    What do your kids ride?

    whacked a new sealed cartridge headset and the manitou m30 100mm on the little polygon relic 24. At lowest suggested air pressure it's much easier to compress than the all steel coil fork on previously. I'm not too concerned about slacker head angles weakening the frame as she doesn't jump...
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    What do your kids ride?

    well that was short lived, some fucker just stole the Polygon Xtrada 27.5 and my wife's Giant Talon. o_O:mad:o_O:mad: edit: woo bikes found and returned within 24 hours of being pinched. the power of social media these days is amazing!
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    What do your kids ride?

    grabbed these for the 10 and 12yo daughters for xmas, the fork on the 24" is useless - literally feels like a metal tube inside another, with a spring at the bottom, so upgrading to a manitou m30, which I'll reduce the travel down to 80mm. Good (ie air sprung) 24" forks in aus are impossible to...
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    ***SCAM *** *** SCAM ***

    bicycles online have confirmed this site is a scam. there is no other supplier of polygon bikes in aus.
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    help !!!!!!!!!!!

    how did you fit 26' wheels on your bike in the first place? Thats huge!!! ' = foot " = inch what the hell do they teach you kids in school these days?
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    Has anyone heard of or bought anything from this website?

    The irony is killing me.........
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    Best camera for DHing shots?

    If you end up getting a dSLR, get something with decent continuous shooting frames per second... 4 - 5 frames per second would be great for catching some action sequences. Problem with your little Ixus 80 is that if you crank the ISO up over 400 your pics are going to be noisy as hell...
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    Does this look genuine

    this guys got it in one. google xtc team frame images and there's plenty of pics of them with v-brake mounts. are they all fake?