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    del rio: PHASE1 freeride.

    Hi Stabin or Trust in gravity pm me next time you are venturing to Del Rio and will come up for a look see
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    del rio: PHASE1 freeride.

    Yep still alive and kickn Might come up and have a look at all the great work you are all doing need to get some dirt in my teeth haven't been riding since Feb 08 will have go back and learn how to ride Bobcat & Wilson
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    Pacific park round 1

    yes i am about paying i asked and someone said we have to pay for busses and first aid and so on and go on shoot me down but there have been posts about getting help at race days and after race stuff - my wife goes to nearly all races (if her back is ok) she went over and asked at the tent...
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    WSMTB Round 1, the results are here...

    nar im still comming down the hill way back
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    Pacific park round 1

    Adrian the hero love the coments but yes your right me and my stopwatch just might not be back as i spent all day saturday before the race day cleaning and building the track 8 hours at Pacific park plus 4 hours traveling did i still pay to race on sunday for me and my son yes i am cranky with...
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    Pacific park round 1

    next time can we use the proper timing gear instead of a phone to start the race (good way to turn people off) The proper start box he was standing next too should of been used.
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    2008 NSWMTB Dual Slalom rounds #2 and #3

    can't access the entry page won't let me in
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    bike set-up concerning pacific park

    talk to someone at the track you might have better luck
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    Aussie World Record Moto Distance Jump

    Aussies hitting big stuff Go Robbie
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    Port Douglas mtb part 2

    good vid love those 360
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    Awaba State Round Crash Video

    i have put up another vid of Awaba with most of the track missed the scorpion gap and the bridge
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    Awaba State Round Crash Video

    crash video Hope you like the video, that site only went up on Wednesday I have another one nearly ready of most of the track with riders making the rock garden will be up next week you were lookin good squid till you hit the tree thanks to all the other riders for making it real
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    with the ute idea just remember that you must have the number plate visable or the coppers won't like it
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    Shock Location.

    I believe its more to do with Patents when they design a frame they patent it so another builder can't use that design so the engineers sit down and design something else thus we have all these different styles to chose from as for center of gravity dose it matter when you jump on the bike...
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    Pre-entry only for downhill racing; good or bad?

    normally what is the pre-entry to pay on day entry's and are we still racing State/National rounds on day licenses and what happens if you pre-enter and can't make it say due to injury do you lose your entry this is a scary thought as our sport starts to outgrow our venues!! who gets...