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    What are the most powerfull downhill brakes?

    My mate has tektro disc brakes, they're hell good because they are disc brakes!
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    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Thanks buddy, yeah I had a Cord before this, I changed frames because I was looking for something different, and Rick from Fearless Cycles looked after me nicely! ;) The Cody is so much lighter than the Cord and it's a little bit longer which is perfect for me. Oce you get used to the Cody I...
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    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Cheers Rex :) racing Dwelli this weekend? You can find more info on the frame here: Thanks man! The rear tyre is awesome for park. Reasonably soft compound, but not too soft. They roll forever, cheap too!
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    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Thanks man :) Yeah pretty much! :P I took some pics of it at the skate park today :) And the only riding pic that didn't turn out blurry :'(
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    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Here's my dartmoor Cody, get on one! Specs: Frame - 2010 Dartmoor Cody Forks - Argyle 318's, need to cut the steerer again! Bars - NS Proof's Stem - BlkMrkt Underboss Headset - Kink Grips - NS Martin Soderstrom's Seat - Federal SL Post - Pivotal one Brake -...
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    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    Cheers guys :) Yeah I've taken it out for a quick fang, but I'll be giving it a proper ride very soon :D
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    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    <3, I'm a bit mad :(
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    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    Here's my DH bike, yes it's Andy's old one :) Frame - Solid Mission 9 Rear shock - Marzocchi Roco, X-Fusion Vector HLR soon Front shock/fork - Boxxer Teams (WC lowers) Handlebars - Reverse Stem - FSA Direct Mount Headset - FSA I think Grips - Maxxis Saddle - Reverse Fort WIll Ti...
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    stp dually???

    It's called a Giant Glory buddy ;)
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    What does the term Farkin mean?

    Well you see, when a lady and a man love each other VERY much....
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    Best grips for DJ/Street ;) I can vouch for these too, one of the best feeling grips i've used!
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    DARTMOOR pre-order 2011: closed.

    Rick, got any turqoise Shine's left? Cheers :)
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    2011-12 Dartmoor Wish: COMPLETE PICS LADS!

    Well it's pleasing on the eyes
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    A few shots from the skatepark :)

    A few of us went down to Bullcreek the other day, I took some shots :) Kurt, Barspin to x-up air: Chris: