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    New ride time, BH Ultimate.

    The highball cracked around the bb insert. Got it repaired once and it failed again so sold it real cheap. I bought it used so no warranty, I'll never buy another used carbon bike. Thanks misplaced, red decals are on the list, just run out of credit with the missus atm. I thought the highball...
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    New ride time, BH Ultimate.

    My latest bike build which came about after my highball frame decided to break. BH Ultimate frame Fox factory ctd forks XT drivetrain (E13 ex 42t cog and one up 16t to go on when single ring arrives) XTR cranks with stages power meter (WTC 34T front ring coming) Wheels, X0 hubs DT Swiss...
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    The new AMB

    I found the print was too small making it difficult to read, especially the sidebars to the graphs in the fitness section and the new stuff section. I haven't been subscribed for a few years now and only buy it if I see something that I'm interested in. I only bought this issue because of the...
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    Is there a Saturday morning road ride in Wollongong???

    Thanks mate, will head up to bald hill sometime in the morning. Will be fun if this wind sticks around.
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    Is there a Saturday morning road ride in Wollongong???

    Hey all, I'm heading to Wollongong for the weekend and was looking for a road ride to join on Saturday morning. I have checked and it only has rides down south of the city. I'll be staying up at Fairy Meadow so looking for something that will be easy to get to by bike from...
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    New car?

    Look around for an ex-demo car. I picked up a Nissan Tiida Ti for my missus with 25km on it for $19990. I'm not a fan of how it looks but the missus loves it and it drives well. I took a Corrolla for a test drive and really wasn't impressed with the amount of road noise and the ride was...
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    i'll be using my bryton rider 30 but most of the guys have Garmin Etrex 20's which are pretty cheap for a gps. Pretty much anything that can navigate will do but if you can load topo maps on it it will be better. In saying that it is always a good idea to carry paper topo's as well, I find them...
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    You will be a dribbling mess by the end of it.
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    The long option will be pretty big. There will be 3-4 options for those that may not have the time or energy to knock out 150 odd km's. A couple of images of the area to entice you,
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    Paterson 24HR

    Thanks Pi11wizard and HMBA for another great event.
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    Sub 2kg 26" 100mm Frames...

    BMC Four Stroke 01 has a claimed weight of 2kg's for the frame with a fox shock, lighter with the DT 180. Complete bikes weigh from 9-9.7kg (claimed) depending on spec. I have an FS02 and the suspension works very well...
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    What was your first mountain bike

    My first was an early nineties Apollo Kosciusko in light grey. I remember my Dad driving me down to Mona Vale to buy it second hand. It was full rigid with indexed thumb shifters and canti brakes. Then I bought a 98 Specialized FSR Extreme with 8sp XT, RS coupe deluxe rear shock and RS Judy...
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    Mitsubishi Delica

    Well done! You will love the versatility of it. CV boot is nothing major, you can get ones that you can put on and glue together now so they are pretty easy to fit.
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    Mitsubishi Delica

    Big call! I'm onto my fourth v6 Mitsubishi and have never had a failure. My challenger had 300000km on it and used stuff all oil. It got serviced every 10000km through its life. A mate here at work has a triton v6 with just on 400000km on it. The Nissan elgrand is not an offroader like a delica...
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    Patterson 24hr team member wanted!!!

    Put a post on the glenrock trail alliance website and the singleton MTB's facebook page. You're sure to get someone that wants to do it.