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    WA: Kalamunda Circuit. Good tyres for Pea gravel?

    From my personal experience, observations and feedback I receive from customers the most popular combos for a bike like a SB-66 around Kalamunda tend to be: Specialized Butcher 2.3 either both ends, or with a Purgatory on the back. Schwable Hans Dampf 2.3, which can go F + R, but generally...
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    Quiver - Demo 8/Stumpy Evo/P.3/Crave

    It showed up the other day Tony. Haven't even gone and scratched it up yet! I can't really deny the fanboy tag haha! I mean, there are plenty of other bike brands that I really, really like, but I guess the Big S are for me. There was a guy getting around a few years ago that had the S...
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    Quiver - Demo 8/Stumpy Evo/P.3/Crave

    I actually had a Venge Expert until recently! Thinking a Tarmac Comp (with 11spd Ultegra) is in my sights for summer...
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    Quiver - Demo 8/Stumpy Evo/P.3/Crave

    I got a bit of inspiration from seeing Max87's collection of Yetis, so I thought I would share my own quiver of bikes. 2014 Specialized Demo 8 Alloy I Stock spec apart from; - Deemax Ultimates running tubeless - Renthal Fatbars 38s - XT Brakes - RT86 Rotors - Crankbrothers Mallet DHs 2014...
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    Specialized Crave Pro

    Legal issue I believe. Seems like a pretty good idea to me to just swap two letters - everyone still knows what bike it is, but you avoid the legal issue.
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    Specialized Crave Pro

    Doh, this pleb accidentally added some text into the attachment. Fixed!
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    Specialized Crave Pro

    I'm normally more into the DH/AM/Dirtjump side of things, but in the last year or so I have been doing quite a bit of XC (a few XCO races, 4hr, 6hr, 12hr etc) aboard a borrowed Niner Jet 9 and Specialized Epic. I am doing the Cape to Cape (a 4 day 220km stage race) at the end of October, so I...
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    DH My 2013 demo. New parts added.

    Just a heads up before you drop the cash on new tyres, the Butcher DHs work great tubeless!
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    2013 Demo 8 1.5 - Updated 01/15

    Looks great! Interested to hear your opinion as to how much of a difference an RC4 in the back makes compared to the stock Van.
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    Avanti Torrent and Coppermine/Vapour thread

    I found mine to be very linear. It blew through the travel too easily and just didn't support itself well, which I think contributed to the sluggish feel probably more so than the weight. Speaking to people from Avanti it seemed this was intentional - they wanted the bike to use its travel...
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    Avanti Torrent and Coppermine/Vapour thread

    I feel like the Torrents still have a way to go (need to shave some weight out of them, get the shock tune sorted) but are in the right ballpark in terms of price, geometry etc. If they keep putting the work in to improve them and people can get past the brand name, I can see them becoming a...
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    SOLD - POC Trabec Trail/AM/Enduro/Bicycling Helmet

    Item: Poc Trabec helmet size M/L blue. Item Condition: Only a few rides old, never hit the ground. Extra Info: Really comfy helmet to wear, I am only selling it as it does not fit the particular type of glasses I have when combined with my big ears. The blue looks way more awesome than it does...
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    AM Carbon Bronson

    I don't normally make useless posts, but ... Holy fucking shit, that is gorgeous.
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    Zerode G2

    Looks so badass with the new wheels on it. Should get the DT stickers off the rims for even more stealth points. Won't be able to hear or see you coming now...
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    Bilt Bikes looking to hook up riders.

    Fantastic to see programs like this, my hat comes off to you. Great work!