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    XC Trails near Thornton and Beresfield

    Finally checked the other side can't believe how many trails are in there, a few guys told us there's 15k's in there ...cheers for the links , Christian
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    XC Trails near Thornton and Beresfield

    Yeah cool thanks for the replys we are actually riding on the other side of the highway, I will have check out that other side soon .We don't go near the houses at all . Cheers Christian :)
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    XC Trails near Thornton and Beresfield

    Hi , I am wondering if anyone knows of any trails XC/Flow trials around Thornton & Beresfield area Near Newcastle . Cheers Christian :)
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    Tim Moffitt teaser

    This is Sullivan Films new teaser for Tim's new DH video coming soon . Shot and Produced by Sullivan Films around N.S.W.
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    Oxy and Warrimoo

    Sick shots guys filming there soon with Tim Moffit from Newcastle .....wheres the RD gap photo ? Cheers Christian :)
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    bike hire indonesia - java

    Hello I am wondering if I can hire a good flow- trail type of rig in Java,indonesia ? I have done some searching but I am yet to find anything decent ... cheers .
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    Josh Smith DH at Del Rio by Sullivan Films TV

    Josh & Sullivan Films TV, teamed up to shoot this short Part One clip of Josh's BIO at the Del Rio DH track . Del Rio is Joshs local track and this was shot over about four hours. I am very passionate about film production so there are things I'd love to do better, but that will have to...
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    NSW Mangrove Mountain Bike Park!

    FILMING Mangrove MTN. hey MR Wonk ! Sounding keen as, will be out next weekend check this park/farm out !
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    Advocacy Alert Glenrock Trail Alliance - Build Days and News

    hey sammydog, cheers for all the hard work with everything involved, many many hours you have put into all of this! Will put together a web edit with all the new trails when I can. Trails are looking killer and exactly what I what to ride at my age ! Will try to make it to the next working bee:)
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    Advocacy Alert Glenrock Trail Alliance - Build Days and News

    hey, Looking great there, perfect for a new 6/5" inch dually I want to get... any more photos any where?
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    Replacement DH trails when current Glenrock Trails are closed.

    hey, yeah I agree with people not wanting to do the hard work to get them designed,approved and made etc.. Awaba is a great place for sure, but i'm not really into the full on DH rock gardens etc... not sure why just never have been. Coff's is a great DH track for me. What I would love to see...
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    Replacement DH trails when current Glenrock Trails are closed.

    hey all, Funny how this debate has dragged on for so many years. Nick and I have ridden on and off at Glenrock since we were both around 12 or 13 years old. Now being way over 30 each thats a long time.Legaly all spots mentioned as are out of the question I would think. Crazy how...
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    hey, Some cracking footage there nice and fast ! Is it the full HD version? What kind of support you using on the rear view i.e. whats the go pro on? Cheers.
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    Mt BawBaw Natioanl #2 - Helemt Cam - Elite winning run

    hey Ricky, Sick P.O.V footage, at around 2:53mins and after you are charging hard awesome work ! Can you sent me a link for best / cheapest place to buy a HD go pro? Cheers.
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    MTB New Zealand, January 2011 - lots of pics

    Great thread mate cheers, want to go over a.s.a.p filming and riding. I worked at Treble Cone and Cardrona in 2000-01. I didn't mountain bike at all though, got into it year's later. Cheers.