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    Sore knee from riding clipped in - pulling up, toe positioning and muscle engagement

    Rollers, Rollers Rollers. The problem IMO is that you are attaching your imperfect body to perfectly built machine.What you need to do is to retrain your legs to work correctly. In track cycling we use rollers (not a trainer) to "dyno tune" our pedaling. These rollers consist of 3 rollers...
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    abandoned Jumps but should i dig?? ( with pics)

    Tread Carefully For abandoned jumps they look pretty fresh and judging by the plastic covers the original builders must have known what they were doing. Also from what you have said you can be pretty sure that it was previously a BMX hangout. Whether you should move in & take over or not IMO...
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    Old age dirt jumpers

    I guess there were a few awkwardmoments in the beginning. (Some of the younger kids looked at me like I wassome kind of paedophile) Others that went to school with my kids (now in there20's) also found it a bit awkward at first. Now it is all good though I learned very quickly that ifyou don't...
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    Old age dirt jumpers

    Thanks Matt, The photo looks alright but I am really a bit of a Kook. Didn't start riding anything until I was 40 plus so I am missing a lot of the basic skills. BTW. you also failed to mention my growing injury list. lol I think that there are some lessons to learn about interacting with our...
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    I don't think the trails I like to ride exist in Australia.

    We need a "like" button on Rotorburn Well said.
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    Thinking of buying some acreage next year for my own trails. Thoughts?

    Great Idea Like the idea however the logic of making your trail dangerous to keep people off it (the way a lawyer may look at it?) is flawed. My experience has been that the more skills based the riding is the less likely riders are to blame the trail for injuries & as such unlikely to sue. As...
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    New technology - Is riding now too easy?

    Bigger Crashes I think the improvements in bikes & trails simply allow the riders to ride faster & take on bigger risks. It is true that it is allowing a lot more whimps to enter the sport however for the riders that don't mind having a go these improvements are resulting in bigger crashes...
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    Why do cyclist insist on breaking the law?

    Relevance of the law Although the road rules are meant to be followed by all users both the roads and the road rules have been designed primarily for the motor vehicle. So much so that the road rules are pretty much the only thing stopping cars from bumping into each other. Think about it...
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    How to keep DJ's together

    Water, Water & Water Water when you build, water before you ride & water during your ride. If this doesn't work you are using the wrong dirt. Also try to make your lips as thick as you can so they hold more..... (you guessed it) water.
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    Dont want to buy a bike, yet, but still want to DJ

    Sorry to sound so negative. When someone turns up at my local DJ track without a bike I am always the 1st one to lend them mine. Unfortunately the result is always the same. The rider is always put way outside his comfort zone (partucularly with DH riders) and as it is a risky one off situation...
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    Dont want to buy a bike, yet, but still want to DJ

    Don't bother I think you have already talked yourself out of it. The first thing everyone finds when they try DJ is that they aren't as good a rider as they thought. Half the people deal with this by giving up straight away while making the excuse that DJ isn't for them & the other half...
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    An Open Letter To Chain Reaction Cycles

    What Local Industry?? I am often given the guilt trip by my mates that work for bike shops & importers however what I say is that the "industry" died years ago. Once upon a time we did have a real bike industry where talented Aussy craftsmen actually made bicycles however the bike shops &...
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    Camron park BMX/MTB free ride park

    Maintenance If you look carefully at many of the you tube videos you also will see that the riders maintain the jumps before they ride. It's true that councils are not DJ experts & don't always get it right but the most common cause for public DJ's failing is lack of maintenance and lack of...
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    Need some help arguing with my parents about letting me ride DH

    It won't happen again? I would be presenting them with your plan to prevent this happening again by:- 1. improving your bike skills. (ie dirt jumping, pump track or skate park work etc 2. Improving your fitness which also improves your brain function (i.e crash less) 3. Never shred when you...