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    Heel bone spurs

    Hey dude, i have the exact same thing but mine are much larger on both feet. I saw my GP about it, apparently its a calcified lump caused by tearing your Achilles. Ive moved my cleats back and havent had any issues since although the lumps are still there, id go see your GP.
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    The discount code thread

    Rapha Rapha 15% off - expires tonight LC7-4HHH-CAFB-A2WL
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    Helmet recomendations

    With helmets its basically whatever fits your head. Not really worth buying online, you also never know what might have happened to it in the post!
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    GPS training pages - what do yours look like?

    Hey guys, Ive been running the Garmin 510 for a while now and I feel like Im not getting the full potential out of it... At the moment Im squeezing all my live stats onto one page and all my totals on another but I feel like this probably isnt the best. Basically I was wanting to know...
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    Scaphoid healing questions

    Did mine a few years back, got put in one of those plastic molded splints. I had physio with a hand specialist almost immediately, within 4 or so weeks i was squeezing stress balls to build the strength back up and back on the bike 6 weeks later and not a problem since. Best thing was that my...
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    XC Skills Course - Sydney

    Can highly recommend mtnbike / twowheel tours. Will Levy who owns the company is a top guy and both his tours and clinics are highly regarded.
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    Pipeline Brisbane

    Usually Saturday/Sunday mornings. PM me if you want to go for a burn.
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    Pipeline Brisbane

    New to Brisbane and stoked on this trail!! (sorry for the blank 2min at the end editing rookie haha)
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    Post your wicked BANSHEE thread....

    Heres my Spitfire, Zee/XT with LEV dropper, cane creek inline and hope pro2's
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    Bike Shop Failure - Sydney City Bike Depot

    Really sad to see CBD cycles go, great shop and great service!
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    Yup boys

    Hi guys, im relocating to Brissy next week for work and bringing my all mtn bike up. Is there a crew of DH type guys who might be able to show me the trails and maybe hookup for a ride one weekend?
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    Banshee Spitfire 2015

    Joe was frothing!!!
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    Banshee Spitfire 2015

    I wasnt concerned about weight at all... ive already got a race xc rig so just wanted something that was bombproof between the DHer and the XC. I did skimp out on the forks but dont really mind... i built the whole thing for under $4k so pretty happy!
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    Banshee Spitfire 2015

    Hi Guys, just built up my (almost) dream build Banshee Spitfire. Literally just finished it last night so not many photos yet but here are some teasers... hope you enjoy! Weight 14kg flat with pedals Frame Banshee spitfire Shock Cane creek DB Inline Fork Fox Float 32 150mm -...
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    The Black Knight - Banshee Spitfire 2015

    Where are you getting the decals made from?