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Those are hot
They fix the one issue with the Curas which is that the stock lever blade is a bit uninspiring... bit of a narrow profile and a bit flexy feeling.

Edit: just noticed he's gone to bearings in the pivots since I bought mine... even better. Original ones just reuse the plastic bushes from the stock levers.


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Have you ridden M8120 XT's? That's what I'm running now but not fully loving them... I still want more power.
Sorry, have not.
Maybe @ozzybmx might be able to answer?

I had Guide RSC 4 pots previously and I reckon the regular Cura is better than those. The Cura 4 is a step up again.

At that price, you’d likely be able to resell them and not lose a cent


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Have you ridden M8120 XT's? That's what I'm running now but not fully loving them... I still want more power.
Curas have oodles of power. The Formula sintered pads give better feel and a bit of a turkey gobble so you know how hard you are hauling. Uberbike racematrix pads are more muted but crazy powerful.

Overall more power and feel then M8120. If you get the Uberbike pads get some braided Kevlar lines as well from them.

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Easy yes but one shortcoming being you can’t close the bleed port with the syringe attached like with Shimano so you have to do that dance of trying to get the bleed port screw back in as quick as possible without loosing fluid or introducing an air bubble.
This is the biggest bugbear on the magura calipers too, annoying system. Having said that, as long as the upper port is sealed there should be minimal fluid loss. Or you can leave the cup/syringe up top and it'll just pull back more fluid.

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I am after some carbon rims so I contacted some Chinese suppliers and asked about Black Friday discounts. I received the following responses:
BTlOS: We are having Black Friday but here is your 15% discount early SF15P
Nextie: No Black Friday sales but have 5% off just for asking. The code they give me appears to be specific to the rims I am after.
Light Bicycle: They sent me a link to the Black Friday sale they were already planning:

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