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The cynic in me thinks they are a bunch of engineers with no idea on how to design a car so have ended up with a box because its easy. I read somewhere that they are classifying it as a commercial vehicle so that it doesn't need to comply with the safety requirements of normal cars.
Would also suggest there's a risk of gigantic failure if you try and be a bit too creative in this space. Look at BMW - made the i3 and i8 - the latter a genuinely interesting take on a hybrid sports car that attempted to cover all the bases. They both tanked. Now BMW's electric aspirations are..... SUVs.


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A guy around the corner from me has an i8 - very interesting design, and funny to see it glide by silently some days and quite noisily others.


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The cybertruck is very angular and ugly but limited by the difficulty of folding stainless steel .
The choice of using stainless steel is to remove the need of the paint shop, a very expensive part of the process. The structure is also a true exoskeleton design so that the external bodywork is also part of the structure. Unlike conventional design where the fenders are just hung on the structure and just make it look pretty and just add weight. The need for huge stamping dies is also removed which is another massive cost.
There's some very clever design ideas gone into the design and it's way outside the mainstream ideas on car manufacturing.
I'm very interested to see what the production design will look like.
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Hope I can afford one of these I like it:
Ok. now it's starting to become interesting.

480k range and 20 minutes to do the rest of the trip is easily manageable. Only question left is what will a cage trailer do to the range. Coz all our crap ain't fittin in that boot!


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Looks a good thing overall. At 400V the fast charger will pull over 875A so that is some serious infrastructure. Mains power through a rectumfier will see about 150kWh for a full charge and $35-50 so cost once you have the set up is good. Time not so bad either though a plug in 15A charger would need about 1800 minutes.

Getting there. Price around $90k supposedly?