Fire Warnings


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I am surprised at the 10m comment.
Knowing what we know now it does seem a bit surprising, but they're still assuming that 20m is usually enough for a containment line.

The rule book will probably be tossed in the bin after this is all over.



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Nothing can contain this:

Scientists fear climate change will drive a surge in the number of supersized and dangerous bushfires that become coupled with the atmosphere and create their own violent thunderstorms.

Guardian Australia can reveal 2019 is likely to be a “standout year” for the number of bushfires that generate giant thunderstorm clouds known as pyrocumulonimbus, or pyroCBs.

PyroCB storms are feared by firefighters for the violent and unpredictable conditions they create on the ground.

PyroCBs are able to generate their own lightning strikes, mass downdrafts of air, gusty winds and even hail blackened with soot. The plumes generated from pyroCBs can influence the atmosphere at heights of up to 15km.


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I had the RFS knock on my door yesterday morning asking how much water I have. There's a fire heading my way, it's expected to get to my road tomorrow. But they've built containment lines along it so I suppose there's a chance it won't get to my house. Right?


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What a day in SA, temps at 45°C and NW winds over 50kph.

MTB related, it looks like we have lost most of Fox Creek as that where the fire started, time will tell.

More importantly, the fire spread quickly with the NW wind, then on to property and towns in the hills... Lobethal, Woodside, Inverbrackie, Brukunga and then a cruel twist, the skinny SE directed fire line then got swung around to the NE and has given the CFS a long front line to fight... hoping it calms down tonight and they can get it under control. Massive kudos to those volunteers !!!

Dozens of houses and property lost and sadly a few on BookFace are more concerned about their MTB trails... whistling the same theme tune from what @Ackland posted yesterday.
Hope to see some of those disrespecting assholes out clearing their precious trails.


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Imbecile humans !!

Victorian man charged with starting bushfires

"A Melbourne man is set to face court accused of deliberately setting grass fires in the city's northern suburbs.

The 47-year-old was arrested on Saturday morning over three blazes in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park in the early hours, as well as a series of fires dating back to October.

Police say fire crews extinguished the blazes before they could damage properties.

He's expected to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday on 11 charges, including intentionally causing a bushfire and criminal damage by fire."

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The police have just been, advising us to leave. A bit scary confirming to them that we're staying.

Shit of luck.

To those who have lost their trails, fear not! My local rides all got burnt to a crisp a few years ago. The first month or two was a great time for trail remediation, just sweep out the line you want which is easy to find with no underbrush. Not that I would know, I didn't get involved in any of the trail work. It's easy to rip up lantana as well. Then all the green was back within no time, it returned very fast...but needs rain to get it going. So you may be black and brown for a while.


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The fire has stopped about 10 kms to the west of us now, the westerly winds didn't push it as far east as predicted. I'm not sure that's good because now there's a long fire just waiting for the next westerly to turn into a wide fire front heading for us.

I actually heard it during a brief change in the wind after the southerly kicked in, absolutely ferocious.


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Nothing can contain this:

We had one of those storms form yesterday afternoon, some thunder and a few sooty raindrops and it was gone. It's kind of cruel because it really feels like its going to really rain heavily and put the fire out.