Knee Pads


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I kneed knee pads. I'm old, my left knee is forked. I have had surgery. It carries liquid. I crashed recently and now have the pleasure of bursitis.
I kneed something for a hot place.
Recommendations please.

edit - I like to ride for a maximum of two hours. Up big hills then down them.


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anything that is going to provide good support for a fingered knee is going to be made of neoprene, which also means little ventilation
I stuffed my right knee right before going to Peru to walk the Inca trail way back in April..still not good, but I have started riding with these.

super comfy, but they do get sweaty


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IXS Flow all day
I know the guy that distributes them.

if you want more coverage the Carve
If you want even more coverage the Trigger
I need a new set. My carves have died and stink. But unlike the normal realms of death, the pads stunk first and died after!


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I like the 7idp range. They fit well if your legs are thicker than the xc crowd too
Yep. I'm using the Sam Hill versions. So comfy, offer great coverage and don't budge. Only issue is that they're quite hot in Summer, but aside from that you don't even notice them.


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The last few group rides I've been on the majority are wearing knee pads. Good safety as knees are hard to repair and extremely painful to injure. Yet I've tried 3 different sets of knee pads, some $20 ebay cheapies, a good pair of Fox pads and a pair of FX pads that a mate lent me to try.
All 3 have started off fine but after 20m my knees feel hot and uncomfortable. Especially on a climb, even the expensive set became annoying and I took them off.
I'm big and tall (6'4 and 100kg) so finding the perfect fit will be hard but even the pairs that fit me well still become annoying.

Anyone recommend any really comfortable knee pads?


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Ixs Carve, or Ixs Flow if you need slightly more lightweight. I have worn the Carve on on everything from dh shuttle days to multi day bikepacking trips and they are great.


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I have the newer Fox Enduro Sleeves (or whatever they're called), and would happily recommend for lightweight pads. Not up to the protection level of proper harder pads, but I figured it's better to actually wear lighter pads than (not) wear more solid ones because "ehhh.. uncomfortable". Very lightweight and breathable. Have heard good things about the ION K-Lite Enduro pads too.

Edit: these ones


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Bought my first knee pads about a year ago, IXS Flow. Wear them every ride and have had a few falls where they definitely saved me some bark and bruising. I'm a hot and sweaty bugger so they get washed after most rides. They are starting to show signs of wear and tear but have done their job well, would buy again, or maybe choose Carve next time.