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Do you have children even? Two non teenage kids in child seats and booster seats is why people need big cars. The wife drives a little i30 about and with the two kids in their seats there ain't much room for a third and quite often we need to carry three kids. The seats are all jumbled about to make it fit which is not so good for safety.

There are not many good options outside of Big 4wd or SUV for families with 2 plus kids and besides it's nice to ride higher and see over the little tintops.

And don't say van, wife hates them.

This reminds me I need to order my 1.5 inch ball joint spacers ;)
Vans are awesome. Not very aerodynamic, but still awesome. I hope you're wife is really aerodynamic given her van hate?

I can fit between 2 child seats in the back of an i30. I'm not a particularly small fellow. But I doubt you'd fit a 3rd child seat in there.


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LTIH - After yesterday's debacle I get to the trail, run a few quick warm ups on the pump track and this happens!

Finally after many years getting to use that spare tube for myself and tool kit to get myself rolling

LTIH - remembering why I hate tubes


Eats Squid
The person I encountered yesterday driving around with their hazard lights on. They were on my right as I approached a roundabout and i saw their left indicator, started to go but then managed to stop as they came out in front of me, turned right and drove off with both indicators flashing.

I should have known something wasnt kosher when I saw a BMW with an indicator on.


LTIH: whining about what other people drive, well except for the fucking tool I saw tonight on the way back from the doctor, in the stanced Honda CRV. That cunt deserves all the hate he gets....


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I like the big bum Megane hatch (especially in RSM 225 F1 form), but I couldn't sell it to the missus... Its her car really, I ride the bike to work. Hence we got the sedan.


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They helped the British make the Concorde but oh what an atmosphere destroying guzzler that bird was!
But so pretty and just damn impressive. Up there with the SR-71 for awesomeness.

Met this pretty girl at Pensacola a few years back...

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