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The book is wrong ! excessive penalties aren't good for the sport, they'd be stupid not to consider reviewing this incident and the effect of the penalty vs the how much intent to gain advantage


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I stumbled across this while listening to music video's for some reason.....

I love the sound of this old beast! The sound from 2:45 to 3:05, so good!



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Base 10 birthday coming up for me. Missus asked what i was thinking i would like to do. I said i would like to go to IOM and a continental GP. She replied "that's good but what is there for me to do?"
I replied "oh, you want to come too?"
It’s my 50th this year missus keeps wanting me to plan some event of some kind. I just don’t like people though. Anything I want to do I do already any way.
COTA: strange race results

MM: too hard too early
Dovi: WTF couldn't get Q2
Miller: lucky
Vale: back ?
Rins: great ride
J LO: Honda POS
Vinales: likes a scenic route
Crutchlow: Crutchlow

any others ? Knackers, escargot A, escargot P


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Jump starts x2. Biggest shock for me was dovi not making q2. Marquez showed he is human and threw it away, his normal plan for race though in my opinion, build gap then manage it, he’s dominated this track for a long time. Rossi never left, always consistent (I’m a rossi fan though). Miller rode well and is maturing and come to terms with bike quickly, putting himself in good spot for Ducati factory ride next year beside Dovi. Vinales had good pace but his 2 track drive throughs before his pit drive through were a big stuff up on his behalf. Rins deserved his first win, another lap things may have been different though. Weird seeing only one Honda finish the race. Wish they would race at lagun seca again (my favourite track).

Anyone watch superbikes ?
Bautista is killing it.


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Miller is finally on the current spec GP19 bike, and as @Scotty675 says is finally maturing so has potential for a good few podiums this season.

Biggest surprise for me has been the lackluster performance of Petrucci. For the amount of competitive Ducati riders on the grid, he's not looking very impressive as the factory number two rider. People have been shit-canning Lorenzo (not without reason), but at least his poor performance is due to changing to a totally different bike and missing most of off-season testing. Petrucci's on a very familiar bike so I expected more - I am biased though as I hoped that ride would go to Miller but his consistency was shithouse last year.

Seems Marquez is back in another league now the Hondas are matching Ducati's straight-line power. He was at fault but also a little unlucky at COTA. It was interesting how chattery the engine note is during 1st gear deceleration on the Hondas though. It sounds like it has a very tall 1st gear, to help provide tight gear spacing and strong acceleration in the rest of the gears, but might be a bit of jumpy bugger at low RPM in first.

On another note - I've been impressed by the Petronas Yamaha rookies. They've got a bit of youthful exuberance going for them but seem to have the talent to back it up, so it will interesting to see how they develop over the next couple of years. Hard to believe Vinales still has a contract when he's getting out-performed by a 40yo and two rookies.

Was also pleased Rossi had the mental strength to back off on the final lap, I thought he was going into the gravel for sure after the prior lap.

Happy to see Rins take the victory too - he does amazingly well on a bike that's a bit down on power and hopefully this will give him the confidence to battling for more podiums and wins in future.
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Quartararo has impressed all races so far. He has got the 19factory bike but won’t get any of the updates during the year. Rookie of the year and look out Vinales I say. I think he will be an amazing rider in time. At 19 he’s impressed, for a bloke that had never thrown a leg over a gp bike.
We did see glimpses with zarco on the Yamaha but he rode on the edge.

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