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But you’re still happy with the fit of yours right?
T.B.A as I've only ridden it properly twice so far. I suspect it's a good all-rounder size, but longer-term I might like to get something longer/slacker for funner/plowier descending. But as it is I'm still getting a feel for the bigger rear wheel and the longer (than the 5010's 425mm) chainstays. There's nothing wrong with it as is, I'm just finally clicking with the modern geo so could see something even longer being fun in the steeps.


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You would get hit with import that wouldn't you?
Or take a Huffy in a bike bag, leave it in the land of milk and honey, and bring back an uber bike in its place, allegedly.
Just take an empty bike bag. Customs are too busy pinging people over cigarettes to worry about bicycles
Yep, also bodyboard bags.

Like anything bought abroad, you claim the GST/VAT back from the Shop you purchased it in, by filling in a claim form that the shop you bought the bike from will help you with, that is stamped at International Departure and refunded by the shop as they simply pay you the tax because you have taken it out of the country instead of the countries tax office.

Legally you are meant to then declare it on entering Australia and pay our GST...

I am not saying anyone should break the law but if you have ridden the bike in the US/UK/Canada or wherever and cleaned it so it looks not so brand new, who would question anything.

If you were paranoid, take over a bike bag with a clunker in it and a couple of well used 29er tyres (because who would go to the hassle for anything else ;) ) donate or recycle the clunker in said country, fit up the well used minions and bring back a well used new bike.


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It is worth considering, allegedly. Worn tyres is a great idea...Hmmmm...
Definitely a great option if you have the time, flexibility and want to save some cash.

Surely the price difference in a Santa Cruz, Yeti ect. or other boutique brands or top end models... even on special/sale compared to some here in Australia would be more savings than the $1500 ticket he bought.
You could even ride Whistler, Utah or the likes, see another part of the world and come out quids up.

Some of the most expensive are the top end XC BMC, Specialized and prob a few other too, pushing the boundaries of lightness vr durability, they are touching 15 grand here !

Not that I am saying to buy out of Australia but a lot of the time the bloody bikes are not available and the LBS is only pricing according the the distributor.

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Not that I am saying to buy out of Australia but a lot of the time the bloody bikes are not available and the LBS is only pricing according the the distributor.
Plus the performance of many distributors here hasn't always been stellar. You might as well remove a middleman in many cases and it won't make much difference anyhow.


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Dead right, I like the buy direct model that Canyon and YT does, the only thing is they need to have a good back up. Shit warranty means zero confidence.

Helmets, Clothing, Gloves... I 'nearly' always buy local, just taking #1 son down the town Saturday morning for a new Birthday Fox outfit, shorts, top and gloves... and whatever else he likes.

Me, I'm size large in most and size 43-44 shoes, I can take the chance and buy online, though I do buy from a local bike shop if they have the stock.