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Puts verniers on his headtube
She's a good looker!
Beautiful. Best part of 6 grand for the frame and shock. :(
I'm pretty sure I read the whole article, but can't see where they mention the frame material. Do we just assume it's carbon fibre?


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Looks hot but actual seatpost angle still too slack
I think it's the same trick Niner pulled with the new Rip9; the seat tube is shaped inwards like a boomerang (presumably to make more wheel clearance). It makes the seat tube look slack but in relation to the BB it looks alright. Evil tidied up the seat tube angle on the Offering so I'd be surprised if they went for a slacker one again for whatever this is.


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Tops review - excellent reviewers:

Has anyone ridden a Reign 29er, reviews seem slightly mixed. This one less positive, but seems like they should have tested the SX if they wanted a bigger hitting version. Have seen demo of advanced model for $4K seems like a decent deal.

I am replacing my Trance 140/150, this looks pretty close, have thought about some short (and slack) travel 29ers too Marin Rift Zone and Norco Optic, Norco's probably a bit above budget, both of those are pretty heavy.