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They now offer a lifetime warranty on bearings, but going on the fine print at their discretion.

My Chris King headset has been set and forgot apart from a rubber o-ring that split but once replaced have not thought about it. Heard many mixed things about their hubs and replacement parts, drivers etc are big dollars.
The discretion probably relates to purging and re-greasing the bearings every 6 months, which is a pain.

I really like the CK headsets too but I do remember that they had a machining issue that was leading to premature wear a while ago. But tbh I've never had a problem from Cane Creek 40 series headsets either and the easily replaceable bearings and modular parts are a plus.

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I had a Chris King headset many years ago. It was very pretty, but always creaked. I sold it and got something that worked.


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There was another bloke I met recently who bought the new 38 and it started creaking within a week so Fox are still at odds with QC it seems.
They shouldn't be with their premium prices.

Had a warrantied 36 Factory CSU that creaked but the forks never felt the same when I got them back, they felt really overdamped rather than just overdamped.

Creaking CSU's since 2015 and still going in 2021, my Trek race bike has a really creaky 32 on it, been giving me the shits for 5 years... I dont race that much to justify changing it.

2020 was the year of shit and offloading shit... Done with Fox, front and back. Done with SRAM 12spd :D


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Oliver’s method works well for decreaking. The amount of oxidise I’ve found on some fox parts is crazy
Ahh the Blueliquid labs guy, I like his website. I was surprised he wasn't using any sort of cleaning solvent in the process.
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Wet and dry or a scotchbrite, then I ultrasonic clean before applying 609 retaining compound.

Oliver probably missed the cleaning step in his video.


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Is sealant allowed here? New Aussie sealant but once opened 30 days to use or goes bad. I tried their chain lube in the past and did not get on with it but this sounds interesting but not keen on the expiry!
Have been running this and its prototypes for several years and much prefer it to others (I have directly compared it with Orange, Squirt, Tune, Stans, Giant, Schwalbe sealants).
It isn't a "set and forget" product, you have to think about how often you refresh it, like any great product, it works so well that you forget that it's there but when it's time to refresh, the residue easily peels off of your tyre casing.
The natural latex plays VERY well with stans darts or other plugs for repair of larger holes.

I've found that sealant left in the bottle in a cool place will last a lot longer than 30 days (current batch has been on the shelf for 6 months) but the small bottle size is convenient.

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I've found that sealant left in the bottle in a cool place will last a lot longer than 30 days (current batch has been on the shelf for 6 months) but the small bottle size is convenient.
so do you buy 2 bottles at once? or 1 at a time


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Just when the dentists were starting to get bored of AXS.
Finally, a $2500 derailleur. Now I'll be able to show my dentist mates how well my practice is doing! So sick of cheaping out on those bargain-basement AXS derailleurs... I really need something a little more exclusive. :p