Post your commuter!


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Still setting mine up, 07 Haro V2 on Maxxis Xenith 1.5" slicks.

Put your commuter up for everyone to see, lots of pics and lots of specs!


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My daily commuter is a Surly Steamroller with a few changes to the original spec that include:

- Yellow Deep Vee Rims
- Black spoke nipples
- Campy 165mm Pista Cranks
- Sugino Super Mighty chainring
- 3TTT Yeloow Monster 130mm Stem
- Salsa Cross Brake lever
- Deda Metal Stick post
- Sella Italia Turbo saddle
- NJS Track Drops
- XT Pedals

Ah.. I've actually just put the original road bars back on so that I can fit a winter light rig on.. Um, run 63 gear inches (fixed) and my commute is 27kms each way...

The other bikes is Sekt's daily ride..



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An older build of my trusty Charger.
2x9 gearing, Surly Instigator fork, 28mm Conti Ultra Gators + Mr Tuffy tyre liners, the rest is, er, stuff.


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This my commuter - at work!

old europa road frame (1984 olympic replica) sprayed white.
orange deep v
road drops
Bulletproof cranks 69gi

my current winter light set-up (3 x blinkys :eek: )



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Good to see the drops on there Rod, that thing almost killed many of us that night in the city.:p The Orange oury's looked the biz though.


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my daily thrasher is a giant ocr complete thrasher im a personal trainer so it doubles as a cliant bike
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this is my surly steamroller.
its stock here except for seat, bars and tyres.
currently in the middle of changing out wheels, stem, seatpost, chainring and bb to fix my chainline issues so itll look different eventually.

very nice little commuter for my 6.5km each way.


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Original BSA Granada 10 speed, now with full rear mudguard and dynamo lighting front and rear, suntour friction shifters, cottered cranks - this baby has it all. Surprising how well it runs with all the bearings looked after!


Unknown 28" singlespeed - will get the works.



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currently this is my steed:

it usually has a matching back wheel but i got a flat and needed it urgently so that was just thrown on.

now i look at it the drivetrain is looking like its about ready to die but ill be switching to a fixie soon anyway ..

oh yer and apologies for the shit pic


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These are my commuters, which one I take depends on which way I decide to ride to work. I might be running late, or i might want to take the scenic route along the river.



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Hey TD do you have a new commuter planned yet?

Here is another one that was. This was heaps of fun to commute on, 74 degree headangle for those tight spots in traffic, super flickable, all it could do was sprint. And it cornered like it was on rails.

And finally the current commuter. Not as unique as the others, but just as much fun:

I removed the image tags because the piccy is a little bit big
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