Tell me about riding in Bright

pink poodle

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the 7.5 hour drive back home left me thinking ... NSW needs to pull its finger out ... Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and surrounds could all benefit from this kinda cycle tourism ... meh.
No way maaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyte! We got the super cars. No need for puncey lame bike tourists.


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Ben is directing his efforts elsewhere.
Ya but it all fell apart when Bluedirt got exclusive use of Bright..... Benny had all the season's tix holders (myself included) and just stopped. Felt like there was more to the story than he just redirected his efforts elsewhere.....


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Dont know what the story is with Bright but greedy councils with people who suck council ass rather than people who work hard for the riders and community are Australia wide.


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Tassie trails win Australia hand's down, there is no comparison in my opinion, Derby, twice EWS trails of the year, Detonate and Kumma Gutza (And no mention of Kingswall, Trouty, Roxanne)...Dorset Council wins with their funding, then fails big time siding with a certain vendor.

Its our favourite place on this planet !

We are 10 weeks out from a 3 week holiday, my boys are peaking with excitement.


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I just saw the pricing structure for private vehicle tickets for 2019/2020. Plenty of other free decent gravity tracks to ride around the state.


chez le médecin
I'm with ozzy, Derby is the best anywhere . Much better than Bright.
Planning next trip in Feb if St Helens is open too.