The Single Speed Thread


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What's your budget?
Nordest Bardino is a really good price and comes in 4130 double butted Cromo, but it doesn't have the horizontal dropouts, so single speed with EBB or tensioner. I think you should do it!
Budget is pretty low, but happy to let it creep. I think the upper limit would be about this:

But yeah the other option is to pick up a cheap unit or something on the market and find someone to split the frame for me (not sure how hard that's going to be). This is probably one of the projects that ends up being a normal SS kona unit though to be honest. Split frames are hard to find or expensive.

The alternative is to find a hybrid/commuter style bike which is more common in split frame and pick the one that can hack the biggest tyres. I don't even know why I want one, but 2 of my mates have SS so I need to keep up (keep down?).