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  1. Fruitbat

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    I use the cheap version of this cutter that doesn't have a rachet. Ran the oilstone over the edge for razor sharpness and never damaged a hose since.
    I was originally planning to do a bit of a hack and re-engineer it by cutting and shutting in yellow clampy thing to support half the circumference of the hose but never needed to in the end.

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  2. pink poodle

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    Just tell everyone you rip mad x-ups and you'll justify both the higher stem position and longer cables. Nobody will ever ask for proof either so you'll be safe.

    That being the 2 yellow blocks that we also hold the hose with while punching in the spike?
  3. Flow-Rider

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    It's not the very end of the brake hose that does the sealing, it's the compression of the olive to the brake handle bore and compression of the hose to the hose barb, When you use side cutters it's a no-brainier that they don't cut exact parallel to the handle so you need to turn them a bit to have a 90 degree cut. Some other brands of brakes have a small o-ring in end of the barb but still require compression from the olive to seal the hose.
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  4. Oddjob

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  5. Ultra Lord

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    ^the easiest thing to use.

    But if you already have good sidecutters.......... good enough for hydraulic lines on machines much more expensive than brakes, good enuf for my bike.
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  6. Flow-Rider

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    My brakes and thousands of hoses that I've cut over the years have never leaked and it's actually worse using a blade because you have more chance of slicing your finger open and second, not having a clean cut and then having a small part of the hose fall in internally. I've seen very small bits of hose cause havoc many times where people haven't been careful to do a clean cut.
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  7. pink poodle

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    Is that a cigar cutter for really thin cigars @Oddjob?
  8. Stoopid question

    If I am sposed to give 4weeks notice at work and I only give 2 weeks, I recall that they can take the remaining two weeks from my annual leave.

    Is this correct ?
  9. hifiandmtb

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    I believe that to be the case.
  10. The Duckmeister

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    Dat be dem.
  11. Ultra Lord

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    Really? Damn.

    Is it a contract thats stating 4 weeks notice or is it a standard for all?
  12. slowmick

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    Unless it states otherwise in your contract if you have one SJP.
  13. scblack

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    If you are supposed to give 4weeks notice, and don’t turn up the last two, they can simply deduct it from you. They may Choose to deduct that from leave, if you have it, but they don’t have to.

    In reality, what else are they gunna do?
  14. pink poodle

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    Surely @steve jobs' pancreas has enough sick leave and a wise doctor to get time off without being off?
  15. Oh I have a veritable buttload of sick leave, however a leaving date shouldn't overlap with a commencing date.

    Probs getting way ahead of myself right now.
  16. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    One hand washes the other...some places I've worked they remind you that there is a trial period and it is best not to leave your other employment too soon...
  17. Really, I've always been subject to a probationary period of 6 months but you are always expected to resign when you sign an offer for a new gig
  18. Ultra Lord

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    Casual vs full time I suppose
  19. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Those were for full time adult jobsin government and non-government organisations.
  20. Ultra Lord

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    Thats a horrible way to start a new job

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