What does your day look like?


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Went for a ride:

Fixed the Fox dropper lever issue with a Dremel - the tight inner cable here was binding on the threaded (for no reason at this end) of the lever housing:

Also installed a GigE splitter at home, in anticipation of our new Bluesound Vault 2 NAS/netstreamer/CD ripper to arrive. On eBay now finding short CAT6 cables:

Believe it or not, the Bluesound is Ethernet-only connected, Wifi ain’t good enough!

See the hifi thread for more info...

Dales Cannon

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Waiting for my hot lamb korma to be fabricated a guy walked past pushing a bike. There was a can of mortein or similar in the bottle cage. Where the hell has he been riding?


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@Cardy George - hottest weather I've ridden in was when I commuted home in Sydney in 46degress a few years ago. That's an experience I wouldn't care to repeat, even though road riding has better cooling than offroad.

Cardy George

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Definitely up there for my highest. The Garmin was hovering between 44 and 46 the whole way. The off-road bits are in a basin which stopped what wind there was from having an effect. And we have 46, 46, 45, 39 to finish off the week. :confused:

^^^ I did that on that day! I left Mascot and probably 10 mins in my waterbottle was undrinkable!

It was one hell of an experience...
I use two bottles, stuffing one in the freezer when I get to work. I finish the first one by halfway, and the other is 3/4 melted by then and still drinkable.