Worlds Ugliest Bike


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I dont know if anyone else has seen this, but on eaby a couple months back was a home made bike, it had two wheel drive (the front wheel also had a chain running to it), and there was not a single curve on the whole, it was the UGLIEST thing i have ever seen. It pains me that i didn't copy and paste a picture.
Oh... You mean this? (scroll down when you get to the ebay page)
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Are you joking? Those things are WIKED! Better than a ham in a lizards bumcrack.
Those bikes are truely well spiffy...... the pig would LURV that orange steam powered one.... and would grow a mustache just to ride it.....


p.s. JaReady.... Ham in a lizards bumcrack.... you almost owe the pig a new keyboard and large coffee for that one...


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This bike can almost guarantee you’ll get the hole-shot out of the gate! I dont know what it is but i really want to ride that thing haha


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someones probably said this but what about the GT dhi, in my opinion, it looks a bit over the top
Anyone else??? (really, really sorry guys)

Its not ugly just different, but im sure it would look sweeeet in flesh.(moto style)
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Eats Squid
Hah. 9 grand for that unrideable sack of shit. Must be the 1 piece cranks and the quill stem that upped the value. :)

Quote from the ad " All Saint Side products are sold to the consumer with understanding that bicycles and parts are not RECOMMENDED to be used for long distance/intense commuting, road riding, riding for speed, tricks, stunts etc "


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