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    WA SOLD 2013 Specialized S-Works Demo 8 Carbon, Small

    Hey mate. Still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ACT sold

    I brought a RHD a few weeks back and it's rad. Feels solid and the suspension feels sooooo smooth. Free Bump.
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    Rough Price to move cars interstate?

    I've used Ceva a few times. Can recommend.
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    Kid's Bikes?

    Hey Guys, Sorry I totally forgot to reply. We brought a JD Bug Bike. It arrived to today, I'm looking forward to getting home and building it up. Thanks for all your replies.
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    Kid's Bikes?

    Hey All, Now buying a bike hasn't normally been something I have struggled with... it is normally either finding the money or deciding which forks would go best that I ponder. But I am looking to buy my Two year old a bike for Christmas, and I really don't know what to do. i checked the...
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    Marzocchi 66RC '05

    Hey Mate, I haven’t changed mine around and they work fine. Actually they work great, the best forks I’ve had. This dude "Juls" certainly knows his stuff, so he would really be the one to confirm any technical questions you have. Good luck. Adrian.
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    NSW Snowboard & boots hire

    Bazza, thanks for your reply. I’m really sorry if I have done something wrong. I actually didn’t mean it as a formal for sale type ad. My first thought was as a service. There is basically no market for these boards in this country (really any country for that matter). If there is anyone out...
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    Which mobile phone would you recommend?

    Hey 636, I just emailed a dude about a price on the W810i and he said $470, out right and unlocked. On another note anyone know anything about the o2 Atom?
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    NSW Snowboard & boots hire

    I just had a though. If any one reading this is into carving / racing snowboarding I have a bunch of ex-race boards and gear that I would happily sell. Three or four boards, some boots and bindings and other stuff as well. Also if anyone would be keen on a pre season race spec tune and wax of...
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    NSW Snowboard & boots hire

    First Tracks I would go First Tracks. You can be sized up here in Sydney and pick up in Jindy. Couldn't be easier!
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    o2 XDA Atom PDA Phone

    Does anyone have one? Any thoughts? I am thinking of ordering one this week. I curently have a Sony P910i and really like it. Thanks in advance. Adrian
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    For Sale Section

    All I can say is: THANK YOU MR. FARKIN. This makes life so much easier!
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    Iron Horse FR

    Please explain?
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    Pimpest Dually & Hardtail on Farkin!

    Vpx With out a shadow of a doubt this is it:
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    Santa Cruz Bullit (FRAME SOLD)

    PDF attached