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    XC & ROAD - Mark's Chinese Carbon Builds

    Loving the Roadie Mark. I am getting keen to grab one of these now and start a little build over summer.
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    just putting it out there

    Agreed! Thinking of grabbing some new wheels and fork to check it all out. The rumored Blur LTc 650 is sounding rather appealing.
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    XC & ROAD - Mark's Chinese Carbon Builds

    Absolutely. No stranger to "it's only a few $$$ more"... That's how you end up spending $8K on the last custom build. I can guarantee the accountant won't have a bar of that again.
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    XC & ROAD - Mark's Chinese Carbon Builds

    Great build on the Chiner!!! I have been thinking I would like one of these for a while now. Could be a great little project. Very keen to see the roadie though. I almost pulled the trigger on one of these frames a while ago and got scaremongered by a few locals which lead to no action. I...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    I would say my next frame will be for 650b. Either an Intense or Santa Cruz. The rumored 650b Blur LTc is looking to be awesome and the new offerings from intense (kudos to Steiber and Co for getting on with the job of getting these frames to market so early) are looking sensational.
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    XC Santa Cruz Chameleon

    That is ace. Have wanted a Chameleon frame for ages. What size frame is it?
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Carbine 275?
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    SC Blur TRc 650B

    Now i know what frame will replace my BLTc.
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    Transition carbon covert

    Very nice. Always loved the concept behind the covert. A carbon one really ups the ante from one of the smaller companies out there. Bravo transition. This one may see me back in the fold in the future.
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    Post your all mountain bike

    ^^^ It's a shame you guys weren't doing ibis when i was looking. I think its the way i would have gone if i could of gotten a local test ride. That said i do love my Blur, it's just something about the HD that keeps me second guessing myself.
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    AM forks

    Have the Rev WC on my Blur and they have been absolutely superb. Great forks. No issues with the Carbon steerer or crown. That said, I would say that all forks would benefit from a proper service before use as the amounts of fluid can vary.
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    Why is picking a new AM bike so ^(*&^&*( Hard

    As someone who has recently gone through what you are going through... Steve, makes a very good point in figuring out what your real needs are. As far as the issue of the dollar figure around piece of mind and buying locally. I spent around the $8K mark in building what was essentially my...
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Either way there are studies that show it puts the lower back in a very vulnerable position. I will try and dig them up and post links when i get some time.
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    If your back is up to shit. Stay away from Leg Presses. Stresses the lower back like a mofo.
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    The Best All Mountain VideoEVER!

    Loving the last vid Wintortree. Shows the Blur LTc in a great light. Love mine to death. Can't say i can ride like old mate in the vid though... Has me thinking about throwing flats on and a Fox 36 upfront though.