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    Boxxer World Cup decals

    ive purchased from these guys before, any colour combination fast delivery and awesome to deal with.
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    2010-2013 ROCKSHOX BOXXER firm/x-firm spring

    Wanted: 2010-2013 ROCKSHOX BOXXER firm/x-firm spring Please PM me if you have one that you can sell me. Thanks Peter
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    RedAss Downhill NSW/ACT State Series and Champs 2013

    that site hasn't been updated yet with current race results. but will keep an eye out. THANKS
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    RedAss Downhill NSW/ACT State Series and Champs 2013

    any results from yesterdays racing?
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    New saint brakes

    I haven't used the new SAINTS but I am using the little brother ZEE and they have a better feeling than CODES and ive been using CODES for the past 4 years and thought I would give shimano a chance as I didn't like there old stuff and have to say I wont be going back to AVID any time soon...
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    2011 Norco DH Race, Thoughts?? First DH bike??

    Ive got the team DH bike and it is a awesome bike, for the price this would be a great buy!!
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    An Open Letter To Chain Reaction Cycles

    I understand the view that a Business like CRC are killing LBS!!! But the problem is that stores like CRC, Torpedo7, Wiggle, JensonUSA etc are offering a service for stock which you can not get for the price from your local LBS!!! BUT I wouldn't buy a new bike from them I buy from my local...
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    Sam Hill signed with CRC Nukeproof for 2013

    I think its the best move he could have made!!! Other than his own team!!! I think he would have been the 2nd rider for SPEC this year as Troy Brosnan will be riding for no1!!!
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    Norco B3 in australia yet?

    All the Norco Sight and Range bikes were mean't to be in early November 2012 but due to the high demand on the bikes in North America the shipment of the Australian stock was removed and sold over there. Ive been advised that the new shipment date should be late January 2013 thats if the bikes...
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    Snake Proofing Yourself?

    Dude this time of year I wear moto pants gives a little bit more pertection from the snake strike.
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    Leatt Vs Alpinestars Vs Evs R4

    Had a old EVS and couldn't get it in the correct position for when I was riding (MX might be different as as your not facing DH most of the time) Leatt seems to be the most common one used... BUT to be honest im not to sure if they do actually work, the proof isn't really there that they will...
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    Shaun Palmer "The Miserable Champion"

    bought it off facebook, went to chainsaw productions page bought it directly from there. Was delivered in a week!!!
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    Shaun Palmer "The Miserable Champion"

    Awesome movie, got mine a few weeks ago already watched it 3 times.. Good to see what Palmer was really like and how good he was at doing anything that he set his mind too.. I always liked Palmer as a sports person and this movie reminded how good he really is!!!! Its a pity the olympics didn't...
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    Downhill training

    It the complete package you need to become a good rider.. Core strength is a great start, but if your legs are not powerful enough you wont have anything to finish with, and if the upper body isnt strong then you wont ahve the strength to hold on and you will end up getting arm pump from over...
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    Norco Range or Sight

    Sight is meant to be a awesome do anything bike BUT no availability in Australia. Even dealers don't know when the new 2013 will be out or even how many will be shipped to Australia. Range also is a good package more designed to the XC/AM crowd would probably work well for what you need...