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    LOST Found bling pump doongalla single track

    If you or someone you know have lost a very bling little pump on the doongalla (mt dandenong) single trail. Contact me via pm with the brand and colour an I would be more than happy to re unite you with it. Found 14/2/13
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    Snake Proofing Yourself?

    I can't see any other way of protecting yourself? I've had some very close calls with snakes and I have never had a snake get aggressive. I've seen them shocked when I have disturbed them. But never angry and or aggressive, they are always trying to get away from me quick smart. So the only...
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    Is it still for sale?
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    Snake Proofing Yourself?

    In theory and I say in theory as their are always exceptions to the rule, riding during the times you mentioned should result in more snake sightings than riding in the middle of the day. It is a common mid understanding that snakes are more common in extreme heat or the hottest part of the day...
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    How are conditions/trails at Lysterfield

    I can promise you the snakes love the long grass rode mid afternoon last Thursday and saw 2 snakes! Neither were at all interested in me they were both just trying to get outa my way :-) The braking bumps on comm games are not even that bad! Bloody girls! If you think they are bad go ride a...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    It never ceases to amaze me how many mountain bikers dont cary a basic first aid kit, i carry a very basic kit plus a snake bite kit! And i have had to use the snake bite kit once allready in 3 years of carrying it
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    Giant reign 1 large 2012 sold

    Very interested in seeing some pics to Thanks
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    Saddle recommendations

    My suggestion would be to work out your sit bone measurement then buy a saddle to suit the width of your air bones, I tried 10+ saddles then got fitted for width at a specialized body geometry dealer, 80 bucks later I have the most comfortable seat I've ever sat on, and have got 3 more since for...
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    VIC The private decent

    Just stay off the brakes in the top rocky section and you will hold plenty of speed :-) Are you guys using the old 1st section from the water tower at the top spent to the berms and drop into/ over the top fire road? Or are you starting from the road?
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    sold please delete

    100 Ono + postage
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    Bowden Spur Kinglake - The rebuilding of a new legal DH riding facility.

    Shredden I held off on commenting on your post as i assumed you were taking the piss and thank god you were Please dont think i think all young fellas are a problem as i dont, i actaully do some trail building/ maintenance with some good yound fellas that work hard and show lots of...
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    Bowden Spur Kinglake - The rebuilding of a new legal DH riding facility.

    And here it is again, one of the main reasons i stopped riding downhill specific trails!! LOTS OF DOWNHILL RIDERS ARE INCONSIDERATE TOOLS When i first started riding downhill everything was rosey, people wanted to help with track work and generally look after the bush. Ten years on...
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    sold please delete

    Bump to the top Can post if you supply post code but would be 30-50 dollars
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    sold please delete

    Price drop 120 Ono C'mon guys the cranks post and seat are worth that much alone
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    sold please delete

    Price drop to $130 or near offer. Any questions pm me