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    QLD Mongoose Teocali Super

    Item: 2011 Mongoose Teocali Super Medium frame Location:Gold Coast will post at buyers cost Item Condition:Bike is in good condition has had little use, some scratches etc, still has the original tyres although worn but comes with new set of tyres and other spares, brake pads fork seal kit and...
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    sunglasses whilst riding

    I have an old pair of Ray Ban frames and had a set of "Photochromatic optical lenses to suit my old eyes fitted into them. They are great I can see everything and find them very good in all round light conditions. If your in a health fund they cost bugger all and you could probably get them...
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    Rock Shox Full Service Kits

    I got mine from though the ones I wanted weren't listed on their web page when I rang they had them. I have Revelation forks and Monarch RT3 high air volume shock. Also bought a set of pivot bearings, all turned out pretty good although the shock seal kit was a bit pricey...
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    Elixir 5 Brake Bleed

    all sorted took the line off and blew it out with the compressor etc and got it all done, brakes are good again, thanks for the replies folks
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    Elixir 5 Brake Bleed

    Anyone who couldn't figure out which was the correct lever for the caliper shouldn't be stuffing around with the bike at all just pay the guy to do it
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    Elixir 5 Brake Bleed

    Howdy all, I'm trying to bleed my brakes followed everything in the avid guide and youtube videos but can't get any fluid to go through from bottom to top or the other way. Tried all handle positions as in the guides and backed the adjuster completely and then reset it at 80mm from center of the...
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    Wheel Bearings

    Thanks for that, the end cap on mine screws off from the tube but I guess the rest of the procedure will be the same thanks again
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    Wheel Bearings

    Howdy folks Whats the drill with getting these bearings and the center tube out, is there a step on the tube or does it go right through the bearings from both sides
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    South East Queenslands answer to Whistler.

    Yippy can't wait, how long before this is open :dance:
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    Rust prevention for steel frames

    Lanolin is the best stuff for rust prevention buy Lanox and spray the whole bike except brakes, i live on the coast and have a bike from 1995 steel frame and its still pretty good Lanox is better than Inox or WD40. I use Lanox on all my tools etc as well
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    Gold Coast Call to Arms

    Thanks for the info, keep us informed if there is a going to be a meeting i'll try to go along
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    Rockshox Monarch RT3

    Thanks for that your probably right about overseas but I was hoping to get one a bit quicker
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    Rockshox Monarch RT3

    Howdy all Anyone know where I can buy a Rockshox Monarch RT3 rebuild/service seal kit in Australia Thanks
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    Hayes Brakes

    I put some Hayes dyno comp on my other bike (bought from crc) and find them very good, plenty of power and feel, a bit of mucking around to get the bleed right after resizing the rear hose. Its better to over fill them and let a little fluid out from the top until they feel just right and aren't...
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    XT rear derailleur/gears keep skipping if you have a look around here you can find some info about measuring chain wear etc