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    Giant rims TRX series

    Just by looks I was guessing these.
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    Giant rims TRX series

    Does anyone know who produces the rim for the TRX wheelset on the trance advanced SX? Would like to track something down similar in a 32 spoke count.
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    co2 inflator for Fatbike Motorcross bikes are using 16g canisters in their repair kits. Not sure if one for one inflate though
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    Advice on securing land for trails

    Our sanctioned area is actually in a national park so we have a good relationship with them. It's other land we would like to have access to.
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    Advice on securing land for trails

    Hi all. I sit on the committee for a small MTB club, we currently have 83 members. I was hoping to get some advice from others who have been in a similar position who have been successful in acquiring designated land for riding. Currently we have one designated area. There are other trail...
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    Some NT Rider Photos

    Here's some photos from an enduro late last year
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    Stans rim tape V gorilla tape ?

    Stans is better in my experince. Gorilla seems to become gooey and move around in some cases.
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    Giant OD2 fork?

    They have ditched OD2 for mountain bikes but must have a fair few stems left over. They come with a shim to bring It down to standard 1 1/8
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    NS Eccentric Rental fat bar lite carbon 50mm apex stem Rock shox pike 160/130 Chris king headset XTR crank stages power meter (race XC and train on this bike) XX1 group set XT brakes Wheels are dt siss 240 hubs and American Classic 101 rims KS LEV dropper post
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Love the colours mate!
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    Traveling from Vancouver to Brisbane with bike

    Box it and bring it as checked luggage. PRE PURCHASE EXCESS!!! If possible, it is super expensive if you arrive at the airport and they charge you at the counter. I had a quote of around $180-200 PER KG! My flights did not have the option of pre booking.
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    First post

    Maybe I'll just buy another reign!! The new orange model looks a winner!
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    First post

    Haha! Cheers guys! I have been trying to sell a particular fork I have and had been struggling. Told my friend and asked if I tried rotorburn. I tried regeristing and said my email account was already in use?! it turned out I started an account quite sometime ago!!!!! I can't remember why!
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    Did I get played like a fiddle? (bikeshop)

    Maybe they need to perform more regular stock takes. Levels that low of an item should be phisically checked. I've done it in the past. Customer rings and asks for 2 of item x, system says 2 in stock, I then check if in fact they are both present and ready for sale. Sometimes one could be on a...
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    First post

    Evening all! Had this account for a very long time! Have not owned a reign for at least 4 years! Could anyone tell me how to change my username? Can't seem to find it in the settings area? I live in Darwin and have ridden and raced interstate and overseas. Work in a local bike shop as a...