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    2012 Products Thread

    2012 trek looking sweet
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    2012 Trek slash 160mm goodness
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    Ourimbah race day

    Here's my photos from Sunday, sorry if i missed you i accidentally deleted 150 photos:mad:
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    What is similiar between motocross and downhill. Need Advice.

    As far injuires go, i think you will surprised although major injuries or deaths aren't as frequent, downhill has no were wear the numbers of mx. Also my personal opinion (I rode moto's for a few years) you crash alot more in downhill and I think shoulder and wirst injures are more prevalent...
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    Downhill/Freeride HD short film with GoPro

    i use to try and hit it brakeless till we had to call the chopper in for a dude. (all F*#ked up, never really tried to do it after that)
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    Downhill/Freeride HD short film with GoPro

    Nice one at 9:30 looks pretty well to flat, there is no need to pedal at that ladder. The downhill track that starts off the left is the best one up there and why didn't you guys hit the switches on the other track its heaps more fun then belting down at that ski jump.
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    was working last night, doesnt seem to be now though.
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    Yeah neil says they will go up over the weekend. Now i have four more posts :p
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    Just seen this in the thredbo pics. Neil has his website up and running. I think deserves a special mention because of neil's efforts to get photo's of us riders at every round. He came to thredbo even though his son is out injured and hiked up and down the track with a backpack weighing about...
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    And it was ridden at least every weekend before you had it. My poor old frame:(
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    Where are our pros ?

    I hope all the people who are complaining are tradies because I need a new kitchen, bathroom and can't afford it. Think about it, do you turn up to work for free on your holiday (if you do, you are the sadest person I know) or do you go do what you want??
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    Trek session 88 2010, Would a large be too big ?

    had a 2009 in medium and im 5'11, i could have easily rode a large so i wouldnt worry at 5,11 i was at the limit in terms of size and being 15 id say you would grow out of a medium quick so go the large
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    Trek session 8 frame

    2010 88 & 8 frames are the same. 2011 they are different, 8 is the same as 2010 and the 88 is a new frame
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    Understanding what makes a downhill bike

    If you have only started to get into downhill then from experience i would say to stick with what you have for as long as you can. In this sport you will be surprised how easy to progress at a very quick rate, you say your not doing big drops but in six months you could be and you might be...
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    Ourimbah trail access at risk

    noted changed my reply on the first page to better suit. All comes down to respecting all other users of the park