Little Things You Hate


Likes Dirt
LTIH - driving out to the trails and getting their just as the Ranger puts up all the signs saying the tracks are closed due to weather...
It didn't rain that much FFS! :)..


Puts verniers on his headtube
Bloody cyclists ...

A female pedestrian is in a serious condition after being struck by a cyclist in Sydney’s Inner West.

Emergency services were called to the dual pathway (westbound) on the Iron Cove Bridge on Victoria Road, Drummoyne, just after 10am today (Saturday 15 February 2020), following reports a woman, aged in her 70s, had suffered severe head injuries after being struck by a cyclist.
The woman was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being taken to Royal North Shore Hospital.
Officers from Burwood Police Area Command have established a crime scene and are currently speaking with the male cyclist, aged in his 50s.


Likes Dirt
Parking inspectors... Mini power trippers are very dull.
Parking inspectors who refuse to book the cars who abuse drop off zone every day. Just move then along and same peoplw do the same shit every other day and every time the inspectors visit.

Add in the local think of the kids brigade. Lots of hand wringing and hope they find the culprit for some dumped and burning rubbish in a local park. Turns out the garbo did pretty well when soenthing went bang and set fire to the recycling and he dumped it before it got worse and got firies on pronto. Pitch forks were only reluctantly put away


Puts verniers on his headtube
LTIH - lightning. Just had 3 simultaneous flash/bangs in about 5 minutes. The last blast lit up the inside of the house. Can still fell it in my chest. I love storms, and have never felt intimidated by lightning before today. Shit was nasty. I was testriding my road bike 7 minutes ago. Gonna wait a while before I go look at what got hit .....