MotoGP 2019


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With the satellite teams we don't see them on the podium much at all so the measure is more are they beating their team mate or not.

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Can't wait to watch George's run from 17th. Didn't Miller get a bit sandy over Marc getting a tow to P1 in quali.... Was very funny.


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Bloody awesome race. Best one since Assen last year.
Super stoked for Petrucci - I loved the reaction in the Ducati garage when he went over the line!

I love seeing the Suzuki in the top five. Hopefully they can squeeze a few more ponies out of the donk...?
Alex Rins is the read deal too.

Marquez has pretty much got this year's title sorted (unless injury...)

I can't stand Jennifer Lorenzo (will never forgive him for 2-faced treatment of Simoncelli) but he is one of the best ever to ride a GP bike.
I think he will get the hang of the Honda sooner or later because he is a very determined/focussed competitor. I doubt he sleeps.

Miller might have ruined his chances for a factory ride....but more likely Petrucci ruined Millers' chances.

Exactly what-the-fuck is going on at Yamaha???
@Boom King thanks, that was unreal

There's another cool vid on the motogp intsa account (can only go for 1 min so not the whole laP).

It has the front view of Dovi and the rear view of Petrucci at the same time.
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Looking forward to a close race, fingers crossed for quartararos first podium. How did morbodelli qualify forth after his crash? That was a big off, I thought weekend over for sure

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Listening to commentary, "another unknown is Jorge Lorenzo, having his second top 10 start". "Hard to believe he won this race on Ducati 12 months ago".