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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by born-again-biker, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. born-again-biker

    born-again-biker Likes Dirt

    Looking to order dropper post next week.
    Done plenty of reading from the usual suspects.
    Narrowed it down to a shortlist...but need help picking the winner .
    Going into a Trance 650B XL frame.
    I'm just shy of 6'3" with very long inseam.

    E-thirteen TRS
    Pros: Good price, best serviceability, nice simple mechanical guts that I can easily maintain (this really appeals to me). Great looking lever.
    Cons: Heavy! Not infinite travel. 150mm max. It's their first dropper I think...

    Bike Yoke Revive
    Pros: Carefully designed by a company that may or may not have had a casual relationship with a German.
    Revive function is very clever.
    Longer travels options could seal the deal
    Cons: Farkin' pricey. No track record yet.
    What happens when revive valve doesn't fix it anymore?

    X-Fusion Manic
    Pros: Great value. Good features. Cheap cartridges. X-Fusion is not new to the post market, so should be very reliable?
    Cons: I don't think there's more than 150mm travel.

    Pros: Extreme value! Good warranty. Almost no negative reviews anywhere.
    Could buy 2 for the price of the BikeYoke.
    Cons: 150mm max travel. Could be cheap junk?? Lever looks flimsy.

    Other honourable mentions:
    Crank Bros Highline.
    PRO Koryak (Shimano)

    So who owns what?

    (Don't bother with recommendations for Reverb/Transfer/LEV. Not interested.)

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  2. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I haven't used any of those, but if money isn't an issue, then I'd go with the most travel you can get, which is the Revive. They're meant to be very reliable as well and seem to have good warranty and an Aussie service centre if something goes wrong.

    I'm pretty much the same size as you and have a 150mm dropper on the hardtail and the dually.

    It's not as much of an issue on the hardtail, but I find I'm compromising on both ends (pedaling and getting the seat out of the way) on the dually and have to set the post somewhere in the middle which isn't ideal.

    Hopefully by the time I kill this post the price of the longer travel droppers comes down a bit.

    Conclusion, get the biggest drop you can afford!
  3. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    Do you have a minimum travel requirement? If you choose that 150mm is too short, decisions are easier to make.

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  4. born-again-biker

    born-again-biker Likes Dirt

    Hmm.... yeah I wondering about length...
    Good to 'ear from a tall bloke (or lady)

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  5. born-again-biker

    born-again-biker Likes Dirt

    TBH I don't know how much drop I need?
    Not long ago 150mm seemed to be a lot...but as previous reply says, 150mm isn't quite enough for a tall person?

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  6. Joe_MTB

    Joe_MTB Likes Dirt

    I’ve got the Crank Bros and I’ve been really impressed with it. Feels solid, high quality finish. They’re going cheap from the Germans as well.

    Negatives? Well it’s a bit slower than my reverb. Long term reliability is always going to be a question but they’ve got a good warranty.
  7. hairy1

    hairy1 Likes Bikes

    9point8 fall line

    I've got a 9point8 Fall line 150mm internally routed post, have had it a bit over a year

    - haven't stripped it down to service yet but it still works fine, apparently this isn't too hard to do
    - no side to side play at all
    - seems to work really well
    - when you want to remove the post from the bike you just unscrew the post from the cable via a nifty threaded mechanism, screw it back and you're good to go

    - maybe harder to get hold of in Aus?
    - had some issues with the internal ?clutch mechanism where the post would not stay in the down position - to rectify this is simple, unbolt lever and push to extent of travel and hold for a couple of seconds - this has now gone away anyway
    - cable is fiddly to set up initially

    Would definitely get another one.
  8. born-again-biker

    born-again-biker Likes Dirt

    160mm travel ??

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  9. Nambra

    Nambra Likes Dirt

    +1 for Revive.

    Completely user serviceable, mtb direct has all the spares available for order. It might be a bit pricier up front, but will be cheaper in the long run if you're handy.

    Now comes in 185mm travel, and the remote lever is pretty good too
  10. born-again-biker

    born-again-biker Likes Dirt

    Yeah I looked at these a while ago but couldn't find a local retailer....and what prices I could find seemed very high.
    I guess I could get the Canadian side of my family to send one over...?
    Cheers for the info.

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  11. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Pitching in with a fox transfer.. easily removable and serviceable, had mine for over a year and hasn't missed a beat. Whatever constitutes a good dropper, this has it.
  12. c3024446

    c3024446 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Brand-X with a wolf tooth lever? Every two years buy a new one if it's dead?
  13. ChrisJC

    ChrisJC Likes Dirt

    I'm running revives on 2 bikes and they have both been perfect. Used the air relief valve once on each when i first installed them and haven't needed it since
  14. SDA

    SDA Likes Dirt

    Fox Transfer with a Wolftooth remote is the best I've used so far. If I was in the market and I wanted an alternative to what I have now, I would try the BikeYoke.
  15. Dozer

    Dozer Heavy machinery. Staff Member

    There's an in depth review coming next week on the Bikeyoke Revive. It is easily, by far the best dropper I've used and setup. I do like Reverb's when they are tuned and running well but this thing hammers it.
  16. waldog

    waldog Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I look forward to this.
  17. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    I must be the only person who's Reverb works fine after returning it twice under warranty.
  18. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    Didn't know Taiwan was part of Germany ... Or that Being born, bred and Living in Taiwan made you German ... But, I guess the sales guy is German so yeah.

    That said ... It's designer is a very clever guy ... Trained me ... And the bleed valve is clever.
  19. waldog

    waldog Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Didn't know he was referring to the designers of each post....
  20. Boom King

    Boom King Wheel size expert

    Designed by a Taiwanese guy and made in Taiwan perhaps?

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