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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Rogue one. Really good movie. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    This this this^^^ My fucking children and particularly my wife have been constantly fucking going on And on about the evolution of this and the potion for that. We went on what I was led to believe to be a nice family outing to the dog beach the other day, but it was really an excuse to go to a...
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    ACT Assumed SOLD

    Old mate hasn't posted anything since the March. I'm guessing copping rotor burn hate is not a big deal to him. Still sucks though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Carrying 4 bikes- how do you?

    I also have this torpedo seven rack and don't mind it for two to three bikes, but damn a 26 dually, 26 hardtail, xs 27.5 hardtail and a 24 hardtail made for some time consuming packing. I also cut up a few pool noodles to pack between the bikes for padding. Drove out to the Dubbo zoo. 4hrs worth...
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    aldi tool kits

    I've got the stand and tool kit. I find them fine for the money. Not the best, but not the dearest either. And it got me the start of my toolkit in one go.
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    Banshee 2017

    So strange for a bike company to care about its end users and how long they can use there bikes and keep up with the other makers standards.
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    Little Things You Hate

    And finished with a ride at the lake. And then this stupidity happened
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    Little Things You Hate

    How dare you even speak of cold rock in the same breath as movenpick. Wife couldn't pick between the two coffee flavours for me. So got both. She's a keeper. And yes we saw some whales. But given that the super motard was on in town and every two toothed bogan west of wallsend was in...
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    Little Things You Hate

    And from the ice cream shop at honeysuckle
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    Little Things You Hate

    No mr poodle. Fuck you direct from nobbys beach. Biiiitch.
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    So much winning.
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    Newbie Looking for a MTB for a 11yo

    My young fella has a specialised pitch in xs. Got it for his 9th bday. 3x8. 80 mm travel 27.5 wheels. He loves it. However I do feel that the 27.5 is a bit large. If I had my way again I would be looking for an extra small 26 in bike with air forks etc to get the weight as low as poss. Buuuut I...
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    NS Eccentric build

    I like the black with orange highlights. But damn you must have bought the worlds supply of orange spacers for that steerer tube. [emoji12]
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    What a great idea for a stealth install. I'm curious as to how much the bag will flap around, but worst case you can open it when in use. Why did you run the RCAs through the roof rather than the floor?
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    Hi from Dubbo

    Nice town Dubbo. Great riding with the family around the river. What's on the list.