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    Female ride group Grays Pt (NSW)?

    last year we ran a beginner skills course at the National Park and a interm one at Ourimbah. As some of the guys above have mentioned there are plenty of girls on the SR website from the shire, of differing skill levels but all are very lovely and encouraging. We may run some more skills...
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    We did a US/Canada road trip in 2010 and took in Colorado. We rode Fruita, Durango, Crested Butte, Winter Park in Colorado. Durango and Crested Butte have some epic rides which you can either do yourself or with a company or get shutttled to the start. Some of the rides do require a shuttle to...
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    MTBA committee elections

    For those wondering who is on the 2012 MTBA Committee it has been posted on the MTBA website. Link below. There are a few changes to the EC and General Committee which is great to see, fresh people > fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Change does not occur overnight, however I look forward to...
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    Menai (Lucas Heights) Closed to the Public

    I believe this action is separate to the Menai MTB park initiative to gain back access to the land opposite ANSTO. Sutherland Shire Council's Sport and Recreation Officer- Kirin Lindop. was seeking approval from council on the 20th July 2011 to secure a parcel of land at Barden Ridge's Sports...
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    MTBA committee elections

    the personal statements say it all really.
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    MTBA committee elections

    my understanding is that you have to be a member to see who you are voting for. The only positions up for a vote this time round are Secretary, Treasurer and Cycling Aust Rep as these were the only positions where more than 1 person was nominated. Some roles have no nominations so if you get...
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    MTBA AGM- presidential vote

    ORS granted an extension for the AGM as the financial reports were not ready by end of Nov.
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    copperhead at mt buller

    i'm not a downhiller but I rode copperhead over Xmas and I found the top half just didn't flow, I had to correct my line alot which meant I had to brake which meant I lost speed going into the next section. We walked the track on Boxing Day night and even walking it we felt the line was off on...
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    Tharawal-Appin area

    Hey Grant, great initiative :cheer2: Have you given thought to maybe holding it on an alternative Saturday so not to clash with the Royal maintenance day? Not that I have been to many days this year but I would like to be able to spread the maintenance love to both trails
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    Sponsorship help for Downhill female racer travelling around NZ

    Best of luck with your goal Julie and I hope you perform well in NZ. I'm not able to help with sponsorship but assume you've sent your performance CV to companies that you would like sponsorship from -maybe contact some of the sponsored guys and girls seek advice on how to get sponsorship or...
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    What Women Want - Bike Buying Guide

    There have been many a question raised in this forum about what to look for when buying a new bike or guys wanting to get tips on what to look for when buying their girl a bike. I came across this useful guide this morning and thought I'd share it...
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    What Bike Should I Buy For My Partner In Crime?

    I came across this guide today which I thought maybe useful for all the girls out there but also for the boys looking at buying their girls a bike
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    What Bike Should I Buy For My Partner In Crime?

    my suggestion is a Giant Trance. A number of the girls I ride with have one (my spare bike is a Trance) and they really can do anything from XC racing to general trail riding and if you are light enough you could do DH. A young kid we know rides a XS Trance and he rides Thredbo, Oxford Falls etc...
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    WA Cape to Cape Vids

    hey some of my riding on day 1 and 2 was in slow motion, especially up the hills :) must get crackin on editing my video footage. I'd love to win this comp, that way my boyrfriend and I don't have to share the one vid camera
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    Mont 24hr Girls teams

    Hey Girls we are putting together a few female teams for the Mont 24hr (Kowen, Canberra in March 2012), so if you are keen to join a social or racey team of 4 or 6 PM me with your interest. We always have a great time at MTB events, plenty of laughs and encouragement, so what are you waiting...