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    Rotoburners Age

    26 now. Riding MTB since 12, racing (DH) since 16, but only now racing XC since 25. The best decision i've made. Now that i have got my partner an XC bike, we ride together rather then her just driving Shuttles (Prior dh life). Also some BMX racing thrown in there as well.
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    Your Best Picture

    a pic of me from the nationals in Mt Beauty in 2003. also the most recent pic that my girlfriend took last saturday when she was driving runs for me.
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    My Oldschool Intense Uzzi DH

    I love it, thats just yelling mid to late 90's at me. and those forks, they don't look like they have been riden since the year they were brought.
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    What happens to old DH bikes?

    seeing as you live in Hobart mate, go check out tassie cycles in Newtown. there is mint looking foes from about 96 - 97 it's an LTS similar to the one below. Pure DH racing from the Mid 90's. i don't know if it's for sale or not.could be just somthing...
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    yeah the ones in the Blue Mountains have turned in a very big fire. a large backburn has been put in with the aid of the cooler temps. but because it's a southerly the wind is kinda all over the place. The humidity is on the rise which is a bonus, the wind at the moment seems the be the biggest...
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    i like it, i like it alot. the bike is sweet. but where are you riding it. it looks like it's on it's way to broken hill in the pic's.
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    Bike Bags - Far North Coast Nsw

    If your in Lismore, just go into Harris Cycles in the main street. Keen Street, and get a bike Box they will have them lying around. but i don't think you will get a bike bag on the north coast. but i have been on Virgin, and i know people that have been on jet(One)star, with bike box's. so i...
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    What shoes do you wear

    I have been using a pair of Puma urban swade 'sp' street kicks with the must have Phat laces. nice and flat, but not to soft. But have been looking into some of the new Shim DX flatties as the next 'foot to pedal' interface.
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    Mallow NPS DH Track R.I.P.

    Plantation Forests are planted with all intension of being Thinned out (at about 7years, 15years and then again at 20 or so years) and then final harvested (Clearfelled) and about 30yrs of age. you should have known that when you built the track in the first place. Maybe find a non...
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    Who's coming to Gambs?

    yeah the trails around the blue lake are fun. the car parks on both the North and south sides have trails leading from them.south side has mtb dedicated ones. the BMX track is nice as well. wish i was down there. but alass im still at uni in lismore, come Nov i'll prolly be back down working.
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    My new SX

    well i have only riden her a max of 15km in any one day. so i can't really say how it goes but as for allday stuff it's got way better geo then a tazer, which i was also looking at getting. but i happy with it. i haven't used her for heaps of DH runs yet... but that will come in the next 2 weeks.
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    My new SX

    it's got 3 rings on it at the moment cause i haven't taken the old guide off my bighit thats hanging up behind it...behinde the TCR roadie. i don't ride XC as such but i don't race dh anymore. if thats what you mean. just do runs nowa days.
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    My new SX

    yep this my new SX. not totally new but its still cool. havnt been able to ride her much to much rain and being sick lately which is isn't good.oh well study week next week. so thats good. have a look.
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    Full body armor choices

    i have a 661 pressure suit, the only think that i have a against it really is that the chest protection doesn't actually come down far enough to protect you lower rib cage. now i don't think that i have weird low ribs or some such thing. but i would have thought that i would come down lower to...
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    Brisbane DH Submission to Council

    excellantly writen. i study forestry and have read my fair share of management plans and the like. the content and the detail in that is second to none. far better then some NP and DPI management plans as well. the comparision for what other citys have got is great. lets hope it goes ahead.