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    the levels of facepalm in this post are unfathomable. knowing how durable the "widgits" are, he still wont need new ones in 2025
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    Flagon, kicker?

    Ill keep it short, As Flaggon is not a legal track we need to keep everything low key there, its fun for what it is, a good short run with super quick turn around for an easy couple hour afternoon session, Please dont build anything random there, locals will get annoyed, council will get annoyed...
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    Frenzy Mystery Trail Builder.

    Someone has been doing their own handy work at Frenzy, posted a thred up in general Discussion about it.... Anybody have any info on who is doing it, council arent pumped on the...
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    Mackenzie frenzy DH - Toowoomba, Mystery trail builder?

    So someone has been sneaking in some of their own handy work at Frenzy, a few mods on the bottom section have been popping up, but its time someone says something, and hopefully if the guilty person does'nt read this themselves then word will spread to them. Someone must know whos doing it...
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    Is it too hard to say "hello"

    It's never too hard to say hello, I think you experienced a "douche bag" unfortunately every sport has them, but theres plenty of good people as well.
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    Holy crap- Yeti SB66 porn!

    After doing some riding on the SB-66. Nobody could possibly be dissapointed with it. Its a step forward from anything currently on the market.
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    Graves 2011 Yeti 303 WC Team Issue

    Oh dear, this seemed to get a bit derailed, didnt it lads! I was advised to come and clear a few things up, which id be happy to! First of all, If you guys noticed the specs, then you would see that its pretty easy to take quite a bit of weight off. To start with that weight is with steel...
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    Media release: World champion graves returns to contest four cross finale

    Pretty pumped (immense sarcasm) that this media crew have yet again decided to make up quotes that I never said. The arent saying anything bad, but its pretty unprofessional to make these thing up.. Same thing happened before National champs, not cool!
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    Where are our pros ?

    The thread was pointed in my direction as something I maybe should contribute towards, and im glad I can. I get hit with this question quite often, and I hope I can shed some light. Ive read through the whole thread and I can say that Driftking, Bogoda, the Cat, and certainly SteveW are on the...
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    Jared Graves- Yeti R-DH 2009 medium SOLD

    Cheers Tumble! It's sold, Thanks!
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    Jared Graves- Yeti R-DH 2009 medium SOLD

    Jared graves - Yeti R-DH 2009 Medium Item: Yeti R-DH 2009 Medium Location: Toowoomba, Qld Item Condition: Near new, Some brand new parts, Brand new Fox 40's Reason for selling: No longer need, I have new bikes. That is already cheap as hell! Price and price conditions: $5000 FIRM - Take it...
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    Gold Stanctions on Fox 2011 forks

    Ill keep this simple - While some scepticism is healthy, there are a lot of posts on here that just seem like bagging the product, just because of it's claims. 1 - No it isn't TiNitride 2 - yes its very durable - One set of forks are over 9 months old, and all are as fresh as the day I got...
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    Inspirational songs to help Jared Graves, win stuff!

    All suggestions open until mighnight this Wednesday (10th) Then I'll get my favourites together, stick em on a playlist and keep listening until a winner is found! (Which will take a few days) Thanks Shredders!
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    thredbo told to shorten track !

    I mostly agree with you Frenchie, It's good to know the national series isn't about making a profit, that's how it should be! The National Series Should be an elite level race series to provide a venue for Australia's top riders to race, improve their ability and ready themselves for...
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    thredbo told to shorten track !

    Yep, i've heard many times how hard it is to get new stuff built at Thredbo, but seeing how badly eroded the tight switchback section is, all parties must be keen to see something change, to let it regenerate, so hopefully it all works out. More flow to a track = less heavy braking = less...