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    Prospect Hill

    There is always Kuipto forest, thats a bit more trail/XC and quite good fun although limited in size. Plus there are heaps of backroads to explore on a 29er if you're into that kinda thing.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    twice in a row now my orders have been very late and ive had to chase...have they had a change of management? ive been ordering for 8 years now and never had such crap as this....
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    Trail maps

    Where are you? In Victoria you can get onto the departments of environment and primary industries website and use their forest explorer map service (just Google forest explorer) it shows all fire trails although some bits are out of date a little bit but it is useful. I imagine most states...
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    Lyme's disease is rare in Australia but it does exist...the important thing is to recognize the symptoms and get antibiotics quick. Keep an eye on your bites and if they develop a large distinctive red ring (google for images) around them and start to itch or get sore go to the doctor and TELL...
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    Lysty - too wet?

    Anuersym is a play track rather than race track so have fun focusing on hitting all the A lines smoothly rather than nailing it as quick as possible
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    1. It is. we finished it a while ago and its been signed. its just pure laziness on my part that the flags are still there...... 2. After i think there is currently a freeze on trail work due to insurance issues as far as i know :o( check out lysterfield district trail riders website and...
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    Whats the funniest thing you have found on a trail?

    Three things recently....a gold medal hanging from a tree...obviously left behind by a champion of some sort, a brand new tennis ball just sitting right in the middle of the trail...looking like it had been placed...que the anyone for tennis? jokes and then shortly after a koala that...
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    Lysterfield or woodend

    Woodend is a tad muddy at the moment, rode it this morning, lysterfield is slightly drier as long as you stay on the west side (rode it yesterday) but after that rainstorm we had just now i would think most tracks around melbourne are going to be a mess.
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    is my hub just loose or is it dead?

    love this, every time i have a problem someone somewhere on this forum is having almost exactly the same issue. Make sure you clip the labyrinth seal (the big one at the base of the freehub) back in when your done otherwise it doesnt spin free! this was pissing me off for the past week. great...
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    Sawmill Settlement

    they are still there as far as i know. they will be upgraded next year to link into Bike Bullers 42 km epic that they have in the pipeline.
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    Good Hydraulic Brakes and fairly cheap

    shimano shimano shimano! its not that avids are crap or anything its just shimanos are so much better for the money. More powerful, more reliable, easier to work with and generally cheaper. I ran avids for years and when i finally was convinced to try shimano there was lots of head slapping...
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    Warburton MTB Park Feasibility study - survey

    done, not just build new trails but make use of those tramways! they are awesome...9km descent anybody?
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    i bought one of the polygon hardtail 29ers earlier this year. I still cant believe the value every time i get on and ride it (Which has been heaps), its an awesome bike and one of the best bike purchases i ever made. Second hand is a minefield if you don't know what to look for. For peace of...
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    what to buy

    anybody want to develop a 'bike finder' where people can enter in budget, trail types, skill level etc and it recommends a bike?..
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    You Yangs Regional Park Mountain Bike Trail Closures

    Redesdale is bone dry at the mo...was up there today so if you need an XC fix.....