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    [VIC] Wombat Classic Sat 5 Mar 2016

    Hi Everyone, a bit more news regarding the race. We have decided to not charge for the 2 Junior categories that are listed on entry zone. So racers 16-17 and 18-19 will get to race for free as well as a much shorter race for the smaller kids. I will also run the junior categories pretty much...
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    Burry Stander killed in training accident.

    Over night Burry Stander was killed while training. So much talent gone RIP. Burry Stander was killed in a training accident in South Africa on Thursday, January 3. The cross country mountain bike racer was hit by a taxi while riding. "It is with great sadness and utter shock that Cycling...
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    Wombat Woodend track status

    WTF, Rus is more likely to tell you it will be crap if its wet. Saves us a lot of work filling in holes. It's very wet and soft out there after the rain and snow we had on Thursday.
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    Vandalism at Smiths Gully

    I think mars is a tad angry
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    Wombat Woodend track status

    The Wombat MTB Club respectively request that you try to ride in other areas until the end of September (at least).
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    L'officiel Le Tour 2012 Thread!

    Im picking Cadel for the win. And Im going to pick Rogers to have a better tour than Wiggins, I dont think he has the metal for 3 weeks.
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    Bsc !!

    Im not sure why you are surprised. TFM almost went under 6 months ago. If it wasnt for one of the smaller investors taking on the whole lot it would have just closed down.
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    Mt Buller to Craigs Hut Return

    Nice pics mate.
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    Mt Macedon MTB Trail Map

    I think RVM means Wombat Trails. The Mt Macedon trails (Als tracks and the piney loops) are lot closer to Woodend than the Wombat track. Its only about 10 mins until you hit ST. Russ can help, also the thursday night rides are good as we usually ride on the Mt during winter. The link bellow...
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    Mt Buller to Craigs Hut Return

    Craigs Hut is about 5 kms from Bluff Spur Hut which is the one at the top of Stonefly. Im not sure why you would lug a 5-6 inch bike through a great cross country ride like that.
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    Track Rage

    Cool cool saved me some typing.
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    Track Rage

    If you snowboard in resorts and dont give way to riders in front you would be in a lot of trouble.
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    is this a tough ride- MAD ride 2012

    If you do the wombat 50km you will get better tracks including the ones he uses but you will be supporting the wombat MTB club that do most/all of the trail work out there.
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    KONA Clock2clock Challenge, Sunday March 4th 2012, Woodend

    Ok back inside now. The biggest problem we have had is the 17 trees that fell down on the track this afternoon. We have had just under 10mm of rain in woodend today but it was more drizzle and we didn't need rain coats etc to stay dry and we were out for 8 hours. As long as we don't get more...
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    KONA Clock2clock Challenge, Sunday March 4th 2012, Woodend

    Ok just back in from the track. Other than puddles the track is dry. The puddles are pretty much all drained and even if we get rain tomorrow you should be riding a reasonably dry track. The forecast for the local area is bellow and race day should be good. We will continue to keep drain puddles...