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    NSW 2007 Giant Glory *price drop* sold pending sale

    Bump, price drop.
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    NSW 2007 Giant Glory *price drop* sold pending sale

    Bump. Still up for grabs.
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    NSW 2007 Giant Glory *price drop* sold pending sale

    Item: 2007 Giant Glory, medium frame. Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Excellent. Cosmetic wear and tear scratches only. See pictures, if you want more detail in a particular area just ask and i'll chuck more photos up. Reason for selling: Haven't used it for months, motorbike needs...
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    Looking for: weekday downhillers in Wollongong

    I did it last weekend, it was loooong... only did one run, bit hot at the moment.
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    Looking for: weekday downhillers in Wollongong

    Me too. I'm still keeping that weekend free for riding
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    Fox Creek

    Once you do a day of shuttles, you will see the light. Pushing is all well and good, but it really detracts from the whole 'riding downhill' thing we love to do :) I'd rather do a dozen shuttle runs of a track and be completely stuffed, as opposed to laboring a 20kg bike up the hill for 3 or 4...
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    Fox 40, Spring Removal/service- (knocking)

    Bit of a thread revival, but I just rebuilt my 40's and there's something I need to add- Following the above service guide, the entire process is very simple and straightforward. They say the dampner unit is 'sealed', but what a load of shit! As shown above, it is very easy to pull apart...
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    SOLD Giant AC2

    No swap, not for an STP anyway :)
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    SOLD Giant AC2

    Item: 2004 Giant AC2, Medium (5.3" and 6.6" travel) Location: Wollongong, will post at buyers expense Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: New bike Price and price conditions: SOLD!!! Extra Info: Frame: Medium 2004 Giant AC2 Forks: 2004 Boxxer Races - 7" travel (Completely rebuilt...
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    Dealing with the spammers - Help us make it work

    Not a good idea, this would allow me (and a group of friends, or just me if I really wanted) to delete anything we/I wanted. Even if its legit this still creates more work, it's a vicious cycle. 2000 new members a year, thats ~5 new members per day. Thats a minutes work, divided by how many...
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    How long does it take to get trading access?

    It took a month or two for mine to go through...
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    Dealing with the spammers - Help us make it work

    One method i've seen work well is blocking the first post/thread a new account makes until a moderator verifies it is genuine. The account is then free to post normally. This is a little extra work for mods (maximum 10 seconds per user?), but how many new members do you get every day? How...
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    Flat tires. Wtf!!

    I've been riding downhill for about a year now, and in that time i've managed to get no flats, at all... Through various bikes, various wheels/tyres, ghetto tubeless, still no flats!! Having said that, i've probably just cursed myself... (touch wood)
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    train fines! please move to off topic!

    Ditto. Wrote in with my excuse (didn't have that years sticker yet) and a photocopy of the new sticker, and never heard back.
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    Incredibly horrible car body shop experience.

    This thing is spreading like wildfire on internet forums :D Love the screws!